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Music Video shot with hacked GH2 and Lomo Anamorphic Lenses.
  • Quantum v7. / 720 60p. / Lomo Anamorphic square front 35mm & 50mm / Converted in 5DtoRGB / Edited in Final Cut Pro / Graded with Davinci Resolve

    Big thanks to Vitaliy and Driftwood!!

    Enjoy. I'd be happy to hear comments or answer questions.

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  • Cool. Thanks Driftwood

  • @simonstar66 Hey that's different. Big and expansive on my screen. :-) Thought it was going to turn into one of those Persil washing powder style promos - everything white.... surprise ending! Like it. Well done.

  • Music video what is not ready yet. Anamorpic is made in post. Lot of cgi that is not ready yet. Shoot with 7D, because conditions where so bad (almost - 30). But there is something in common. Pass: snow