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IFA 2021 incorporates "imaging" to the show.
  • Photokina, which wanted to move to an annual show, might never recover as leading consumer tech show IFA now will incorporate imaging.


    New product category at IFA 2021 and cooperation with Berlin Photo Week

    From next year IFA Berlin will have a new product category and add “imaging” to the show. “Imaging has become a major trend in our world that extends far beyond private life. It plays a central role in medical technology, autonomous driving, AI-technology and many other areas“, said Heithecker.

    Also, Messe Berlin is partnering with Berlin Photo Week, a unique and innovative event format for everyone who loves images. “Combining photo sessions, community experiences, artistic and cultural inspiration, the creation of irretrievable moments, partnerships that reach far beyond photography and media presence, the Berlin Photo Week is destined to become the novel imaging event format at the center of public attention“, said Wolfgang Heinen from Berlin Photo Week.

    The Berlin Photo Week successfully debuted in 2019 when it attracted more than 30.000 primarily young photo-enthusiasts, smartphone consumers, DSLR-users as well as professionals. Berlin Photo Week’s objective is to create a unique way to inspire enthusiasm for making and enjoying photos and videos. It harnesses the diversity of Berlins landscape with the “Fun Place” as the event’s focal point and numerous “Satellite”-locations dispersed around the city. It also connects with Berlin’s globally renowned creative scene.

    The dates of Berlin Photo Week 2021 will overlap with the IFA 2021, enabling participants to profit from visiting both events.

    Set to take place from 3 to 7 September 2021, IFA Berlin 2021 already has strong industry backing. So far, more than 60 per cent of the exhibition space has already been booked.