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Cages: TrustMT cage for GH2
  • Looks like trustmt has their modified cage up for sale which is more GH2 friendly. It would be nice if it was a little more form fitting and not just a couple of adjustments to accommodate the LCD and battery. Having said that - all these cages still cost way too much.


    Price - $430+ shipping or less, check our deals
    500 x 355 - 30K
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  • For me looke like one presented by Letus on last gear exhibition.
  • This ReWo GH2 cage looks really good, but as with all cages, it's expensive :)
  • Chinese cage is more versatile, I think. Cheaper. And I like idea with threaded rods.
    Look for HDMI connector fixing. This is huge.
  • the good thing about the Chinese made Trusmt cage is you can use it for both Canon and Panasonic. Yes, threaded rod is definitely nice!
  • That ReWo cage looks amazing!
  • I had another headache yesterday trying to maintain a good HDMI connection. Like V says, it's a huge issue. You can buy the HDMI clamp from Trust for $50, dunno how hard to adapt to another rig.
  • I'm wary of buying camera specific cages, since my main camera is likely to change in a year or so. A more versatile solution would be to construct a cage from 15mm rails around the camera. More flexible and the cage can grow/shrink depending on your camera. At most you end up buying new rods.
  • I don't get this deal of paying money for a "cage". Buy a wide enough strap of aluminum and bend it as you will. Cut for the battery and drill holes in it for whatever you want- handles, monitor, etc. Rods for FF and MB and everything else having to do with upgrading our beautiful little camera into the so-called big leagues is just going to cost you money. And once you take that road there ain't no off ramp. ie- keep it simple. It's just a $1K body that can deliver…what you need to … show or express or what?

    The GH2 is a great little tool. But a tool is all it is
  • >I don't get this deal of paying money for a "cage".

    If you don't get it it does not mean that no one gets it.

    >Buy a wide enough strap of aluminum and bend it as you will.

    Sounds like shit.
    My position for now is simple - days of DIY in this segment are other.
    Time to move on.
  • I love the TrustMT cage, but man is it pricey. I'm hoping some greedy F'er with a machine shop in Mongolia will start pirating these designs. Pirates pirating pirates.

    If the hack delivers HDMI, a TrustMT cage with HDMI clamp becomes essential gear.
    And btw, in case no one noticed, the HDMI clamp can be purchased separately for $50.
  • >Sounds like shit.

    I hear you on that. A lot does. Buying gear is very enticing but I'm just a union lighting guy with a need to make my own films…but unfortunately need to eat and pay rent at the same time. Anything to do with film costs way too much. Anyway to DIY is not something I'm in any position to simply say -move on. For you and others- fine. For me- not likely for a while.

    I've been too long taking orders from others- and moving lights about is what I've done for the last 20 years or so of paying the bills, etc… other than writing and preparing for this whole new digital universe thing that is upon us all. No longer will it be assumed that you have to kiss ass to get the job… or to get the job that you want done… actually done. The day has come that the quality of the image is available to those who know how to use the technology at hand…and that the film produced will not simply be because of it.

    It wouldn't happen without the gear, but it's not about it either. The doors are opening!... for everyone with a dream they need to see. So if you need enough... and do the work required...
  • @davhar

    I don't understand how all this is related to topic about TrusMT cage.

    And all this stuff about opening doors :-) Sounds fun.
  • Yes these cages are expensive for what they are - you can actually go the Shrig Jig route if you want cheap, and I would agree with VK about not having to go the DIY route.
  • I agree. I'm a silly little man trying to relate to… and whatever.

    But this is a serious site and I've been reading it for a while and jump in whenever me gulliver forces me to not comply, and so then therefore I must force myself to not digress into any kind of uncertain foolishness. Certain foolishnesses, however, must be challenged. But…I lost my train of thought and don't know what they are.

    Be happy with new gear and do well

  • Hey that Shrig rig looks pretty cool! Anyone try it?

  • @brianluce
    We have topic about it, use search.
  • Has anyone bought the Trusmt cage yet to use with their GH2? I wonder if it's it's too "tall" to use with a hotshoe anchor. A nice point about the Rewo cage is that it has two points of connection to the cage: the tripod screw on the bottom of the camera AND the hotshoe on top.

    I think the Trusmt cage is designed to take a hotshoe anchor (the long groove at the top?), but I wonder if it's sized for the 7D and 5D, if there's too much of a gap to effectively use that point with the GH2.

    Anybody tried this yet?

    Perhaps we could go for a group buy on the Trusmt cage?
  • Has there been any improvements to the clamp when working on the GH2. I thought i read somewhere on here that as is it wasn't a really good working design for GH2, that perhaps they'd tweak. I just brought a HDMI monitor (ruige 7" but not on the deal) and would be interested in a clamp at the camera end to supplement the clamp at the monitor. But i'd rather know before hand that the GH2 + clamp is fit for purpose.
  • @jimtreats

    Current clamp is not very good for GH2.
    You can look at the design contest and make clamp specifically suited for GH2, or entire cage with clamp :-)
    We'll be also having deal on TrusMT cages.
  • @jimtreats
    Even with the cheap $99 Shrig Jig you can quickly improvise an HDMI clamp and it will SOLVE the problem.
  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    What is it that's wrong with the current clamp design for the GH2? It was the photo of the cage on your design thread that made me want to ask the question. Sadly I don't think i'm best suited to design a fix to the problem, but i was hoping TrusMT were already looking into improving it.
  • @brianluce

    I'm sure it's possible, i think I finished my DIY efforts with my jam jar opener follow focus. I'm hoping someone somewhere will fix this at some point.
  • Ooh a deal on the trustMT cage would be nice indeed
  • @jimtreats

    Are you saying the jar opener ain't delivering the jam? I was dreaming of easy possibilities. No?