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Sony E-mount lens on mft possible adapter?
  • Sony E-mount on mft possible is it possible and any adapters for it? I saw it other way around, but no for a mft mount to get sony lenses on it. I find it weird that you can not put a Sony lens on Panasonic with adapter, I don't see that combo, can't find it right away???

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  • Look on Wikipedia for Lens Mount Flange Focal Distance (FFD). They are all outlined there. It's not possible with out a lens in it to make up the FFD (and degrade) the image.

    Same reason why you can't put a Canon FD on an EF mount. They made adapters with a lens inside to make up for the FFD and they were not popular since they degraded the image.

  • Thanks CFreak all those distances seem very difficult. I was thinking also if it is possible to put to adapters on top of eachother and then a lens? Best to buy probably the camera brand with the same brand lens?