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Favourite bedtime book?
  • What's your favourite bedtime book? Mine is a wartime tragedy...

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  • Jesus, then you wonder where do the nightmares come from... :) Seriously, when you start solving advanced mathematics in your dreams, it's time to take a break! ;)

  • The nightmares came from this horror story I read last week...

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  • Here's mine...

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  • "What salivates one may pukifye another. The noise underfoot cums through ceilings over lovers. Nightmares and dreams try to define the struggles of life in our minds in time"

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  • @svart

    dang you beat me to it. I'll simply add the Samuel L Jackson reading:

  • lemmeseee..

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  • This is something to read when sleeping to wake up..

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  • Revisiting a classic ;)

    H.264 is a robot in this one.

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  • The original reading, proper video by an Aussie Acting Legend not just audio.