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What do we know about the novel coronavirus?
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  • In Mordor multiple banks representatives demanded to fully ban cash (temporary, of course ;-) ).

    Real moves in this manner can follow soon.

    First step can be introducing 20-30% tax on getting cash, another option is 20% tax if you pay with cash for anything besides basic foods list.

    Laws will be passed using special procedures with extreme speed and without press coverage.

  • Fuck that Rockefeller pdf gives me the creeps. It's as real as it gets

  • Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development. The Rockefeller Foundation, Global Business Network. May 2010

  • ok...upping my learning curve on the chloroquine shortage. I was wrong. There's a third reason...and it's the reason. The most obvious escaped my reasoning. Chloroquine speculators ! People were buying 100 boxes at a time ! Hopefully karma will go to work on these scumbags.

  • webb is an israeli asset . Not saying he isn't right...but the israelis are neck deep in this shit.

  • George Webb on Patient Zero in Wuhan, Covid-19 and elections, death statistics and pre-existing medical conditions

  • Governor Tom Wolf ordered all non-life-sustaining businesses in Pennsylvania to close their physical locations by 8 p.m. Thursday in an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19.

    Enforcement actions against businesses that do not close their physical locations will begin at 12:01 a.m. Saturday, the Wolf administration said in a press release.

  • Mordor tests had been developed by NTZ Vector, ex (and seems like present) bio weapon lab. Works for government in total information isolation. Only 4 other reference labs in the world made similar tests in similar time (all of them are closely related and made bio weapons before). All tests had been ready and started shipping (in China mostly) in early January. Tests are using polymerase chain reaction approach, issue is that no one ever checked test systems. Various spoofing methods can be used. One is to supply most of test sets with useless primers and only few sets with primers for old coronaviruses. In reality test personnel has no idea that they detected as they only compare set without DNA/RNA multiplication (made using primers and proper liquid) and another set with multiplication.

    This is why virus had been chosen (can't do same with bacteria, as locals can just make lot of them on petry dish), and very similar to common and known virus that is present always in large part of population.

  • Well lets hope it kills billionaires first. In jalisco, mexico, a group of the rich went to vail, colorado, and now they're all getting sick. Yeah we're totally fuxed. The world might change forever, and radically. @Vitaliy....and you're almost not loading .

  • @kurth

    Well, more panic.

    In Mordor leaked info is that most of the time tests are used either for antibodies to old coronaviruses (they are also not very reliable and totally not applicable for selective detection of just new one) or at best on exclusion base (tests of few types of flu, tests on old coronaviruses and 1-2 others, if they are negative - it is declared that it is Covid-19). Thing is, if you want to do it you can detect antibodies in up to 80% of population, hence can be why ruling class used exactly this virus, as you have unlimited base for horror stories.

    Ruling class somehow:

    1. Doing almost nothing to supply masks
    2. Doing almost nothing to make enough beds (China at least did, in one location only)
    3. Can't explain much about tests used
    4. Somehow makes biggest social impact on young population that has smallest risks from virus, but biggest threat to ruling class
    5. Focuses highest economic burden on small business (and some medium ones), while large is being fully freed from payments and provided unlimited stimulus.

    Thing that we see can be stage one of global economic meltdown of capitalism and it is being made such to have total control of population during prolonged period.

  • worldwide chloroquine reset...who's responsible ? There is no more chloroquine. The pharmaceutical suppliers are either, first scenario, holding on to their supplies for a huge price jump, or , second scenario, diverting them to hospitals now that it's common knowledge it's a cure. I've been to 20 pharmacies in the past 2 days, and found one box. All on order, but none expect any to show up. This should be good subject for @Vitaliy.

  • @zcream....disagree. People don't need protection from themselves from their governments. What they do need is education and free information. But it appears you really support trump, if you support the fda.

  • Chloroquine is already approved by the FDA. Just not for Covid-19, the argument is about new approval. so doctors may not prescribe it for Covid-19. You need a prescription - as in India. And thats a good thing as it does have side effects.

  • @Zcream...actually trumpster is an atheist. And what difference does it make about reinfection, if you're already sick. Problem is the fuxin fda ! Should allow everyone to acquire chloroquine w/o restrictions now. But at least he's beginning to get off his arse. Lots better than the pres of Mexico. Of course, here we can buy it w/o a's just no longer available !

  • Trump does not understand there are multiple types of this virus. Also, treatment does not imply a lack of re-infection. The guy has the simple minded righteousness of the Christian right.

  •'s much less important whether they designed the crisis or they're riding the wave( good metaphor) , if the virus is real, imho. That's why I put it way down at number 6. Because, regardless, we have to ride the wave, and try to survive it. Doesn't matter if we're off that port in Portugal, or some surf park in California, the wave is real. The crazy thing is some people think there's no wave.

  • @kurth

    Lets assume the worse, but need to watch carefully.

    Capitalism really needed something like this to place blame on it. May be they designed whole thing, may be just riding the wave.