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What do we know about the novel coronavirus?
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  • More than a billion people in India have been asked to observe a 14-hour long curfew to try to combat the coronavirus pandemic.

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the curfew last week, telling citizens that it would be a test in order to assess the county's ability to fight the virus.

    Mr Modi urged citizens to stay indoors from 07:00 (01:30 GMT) until 21:00 on Sunday.

    India has so far recorded 315 cases.

    Mr Modi told his followers on Twitter: "Let us all be a part of this curfew, which will add tremendous strength to the fight against Covid-19 menace. The steps we take now will help in the times to come."

  • Meet one of coronavirus sponsors.

  • @kurth

    Yes. Lot of viruses are hiding in nervous system as it is place where immune system can't reach them.

    They are doing it for billions of years.

    Btw we don't have any real cure for Varicella Zoster Virus still, best drugs just slow down virus spreading as it goes via nerves to the skin. By slowing it down enough immune system has time to restore knowledge (as people who have it got it during small age) on how to kill this shit.

  • @Vitaliy...oh that's supposed to make me less nervous? Like my ex girlfriend with herpes. An extremely short relationship !

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    Why China had been first? This is why. And for containers (that go slowly) February had been pretty normal month, except last week.

    China halting production made all other countries lacking even usual stock of necessary things (as smart businesses outsources almost all to China).

    The most recent delivery of medical-grade N95 masks arrived from China about a month ago, on Feb. 19. And as few as 13 shipments of non-medical N95 masks have arrived in the past month — half as many as arrived the same month last year. N95 masks are used in industrial settings, as well as hospitals, and filter out 95% of all airborne particles, including ones too tiny to be blocked by regular masks.

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  • "Working with the Federal Reserve — we’ll have up to $4 trillion of liquidity that we can use to support the economy," he said, adding "Those are broad-based lending programs. ... We can leverage our equity working with the Federal Reserve."

    And all this trillions will go into real market now, not derivatives as before. Expect huge issues.

  • @kurth

    Before panic suggest to read about Varicella Zoster Virus and similar things.

    Lot of population has it, and it is smart fella, constantly checking you (can sit idle for 50-60 years!) and waiting for moment that you are especially weak to make big strike.

  • Small information for lovers of distant work.

    Issue with working from home is that you start to compete not with local citizens as before, but with people living anywhere in the world and with good knowledge of your work area and language. And it is bad for ya. As it means that your salary can become only 1/2 or even 1/5 of current one, and almost instantly.

  • Starting today, Best Buy is limiting its US stores to “contactless” curbside service, allowing only employees into its stores, according to a statement from the company. Orders placed on the Best Buy website or via its app will be delivered to customers’ cars outside its stores by employees.

  • Italy stops all production, except food, medical and such.

    The more it goes - the more it looks like complete reset of economic system.

    And it seems like Chinese meltdown will be actually last act in this drama.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev Such a useful and true side effect. Maybe americans and europeans will be able to rush toilet paper from the banks too !

  • @jleo

    Making and offering such masks is real criminal act.

    As you need to make custom masks with good replaceable filters and gel (on part touching face). Because you can use such for months.

  • The 500 million N95 air-filtering respirator masks President Donald Trump said the federal government ordered could take up to 18 months to be delivered, according to the grant application. There has been a shortage of the masks, and health-care workers are being told to reuse them.

    The government is expecting the masks to be delivered incrementally, according to the application, but will allow those deliveries to occur over 18 months. Manufacturers in China aren’t able to fulfill the request.

    The US wants to remove tariffs on medical devices and masks from China. Perhaps Chinese officials will demand removal of all tariffs.

    U.S. Shows Willingness to Remove Tariffs on Medical Supplies

    The Trump administration signaled a willingness to remove tariffs on medical supplies from China as health authorities backed by U.S. businesses express an urgent need for more masks, ventilators and other equipment to suppress the coronavirus pandemic.

    Meanwhile in Seattle..


  • Fake CDC experts rob homes...only in Estados Gringoestupidos :)

    Burglars in the U.S. are taking advantage of the novel coronavirus outbreak by posing as medical experts to gain entry to victims' homes, multiple police departments have warned.

    The culprits are reportedly dressing up in white lab coats and masks to pose as scientists linked to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), before knocking on doors and offering advice about the COVID-19 disease or even claiming to be able to test for the new virus.

  • martial law is coming to america and here's where they'll start arresting people w/o warrants ignoring constitutional rights....

  • Today I pulled up a long dormant wordpress site appropriately named gringos estupidos. Erased 99.9% of the content, and started with "coronavirus in mexico". Then used much of the content we've gathered for my "reading list" . and thanks Vitaliy for the open space to tether our ideas...and I got my script for azithromycin.

  • The army deployed in a small village here in Spain


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  • @Faudel

    Can be also fastest and simplest way to drop life level in US and EU. As only way they kept it had been printing money. Nice things come to an end.

  • On a side note: Like many here I suggest 2 screenplays: 1st one; The craziest one, but likely the least to appear imho. So they will find someone to blame for the virus, probably China and strike it. We all know the ending, most of us will simply leave this planet in a beautiful shroom's bokeh. 2nd one; Money reset, just looked at all the meetings last year between the usual suspects IMF, BIS, FED, ECB and cryptos makers. Add that many representatives of the usual suspects have publicly said that the USD was at the end of his reign. Sounds more plausible imho. Watch out and be ready american brothers. Dont be sad, WW3 will come for sure but ruling class doesnt need it now. Just enjoy the slavery 3.0 coming !

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  • @apefos

    May be never. As it seems like ruling class is up to something.

    As top conspiracy theory. We can have unprecedented preparation to genocide even. If China will be openly blamed during total lockdown and we will see nuclear strike at major Chinese cities.

    Less severe plan also involves China to take all blame, but in this case people themselves will be blamed for hyperinflation (despite ruling class sudden rerouting of huge stimulus to normal people in time it is no goods or services to buy using them), they will be called animals, and falling economy will make all the rest, not bombs. But all debt burden will be washed out such way.

  • Government of my province order everything to stop. Only food market and drugstores can open. Cars with sound talk loud in the streets to order people to stay home. Brasil is stoping. We dont know when things will return to normal life... maybe months...