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Movement Solution on the GH2 - What's your experience?
  • Hi,

    I am about to get into moving camera shots such as with sliders, glidecams and tripods thus looking for a general stabilization to master all kind of situation.

    I'de be happy if you'd share your experience with the gear you are using.

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  • I have a glidecam hd-1000, have only used it a little but I like it, very high quality and relatively easy to balance

  • @p_hawks Thx for feedback, I am thinking about getting one. Do you shoot on AF or manuel? Can I use a follow focus?

  • personally manual, you probably could use af, but its just as easy for me to set it myself, and one less thing to worry about. You can have a follow focus attached, but as far as using it while recording, absolutely not. you can't touch the camera at all once you start recording, because it throws everything out of balance

  • @alexauwa I have the Blackbird Stabilizer. It works well with my GH2 and my Zacuto EVF mounted on top with both my 20mm and stock 14-42. I also shoot manual.

    I also use the Kessler KC-Lite 8 ft. jib. It only takes about 4 minutes to set up and break down and it's extremely smooth.

    Be sure to turn off your IS either on your lens or in-camera if you are using any type of stabilization including tripods.

  • I'm using a slider by indisystem which was about 99$. Great at what it does but some what bulky.

  • Shoulder rigs are, in my opinion, most versatile.

    If I'm going super lightweight and non intrusive I have a monopod with a 2.5 pound weight attached to the bottom which is incredibly versatile.

  • You need tripod (or better at least two). Good, stable and with fluid head (you can find such in our Wiefeng offers). Best idea is to have also small stabilizer and ligth slider (if you shoot on m43 small HDSLRs).

  • @TheMonk thanks! Why turn off IS?

  • The camera will try to stabilize footage that your tripod/stabilizer/jib etc is already stabilizing, causing micro jitters in your footage.

    @Vitaliy_Kiselev mentioned a slider as a possibility. Varavon is having a decent sale in its Lite sliders right now. I just bought a 32" for my GH2. I'm not sure what his thoughts are in this specific brand, but something similar could add a lot to your production value.

  • @TheMonk do you also turn of the internal stabilization of GH2? I am shooting on manual aswell as panasonic lenses like the 14-140. What you recommand?

  • @Alexauwa I turn off the IS for every type of shot but handheld. Some lenses have a switch for IS. For the ones that don't, you'll have to turn it off in the menus.