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KanDao QooCam 8K 360 VR Camera
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  • Added features

    1. 8k Mobile Editing -- The Qoocam 8K mobile app can stitch 8K photos in full resolution.  The mobile app can also edit 8K 360 videos, exporting them either as 4K non-360 overcapture videos, or as 4K 360 videos.
    2. Sport mode -- This mode uses a higher shutter speed to reduce motion blur.
    3. 4K live streaming -- Qoocam 8K is one of the few 360 cameras to feature 4K 360 live streaming.
    4. DNG8 and Raw Plus (mobile): Qoocam 8K can shoot a burst of eight DNG photos, which can be combined and stacked in the mobile app as a 12-bit image with very low noise.
    5. Express DNG8: this is similar to DNG8, except hat the photos are stacked in-camera, without the need for separate stacking software.
    6. SuperHDR: in this photo mode, Qoocam 8K can shoot three Express DNG8 shots at three different exposures, which will be merged into a tonemapped 16-bit HDR photo.  This can be done entirely within the mobile app, which can even batch merge SuperHDR photos.
    7. Supervlog mode: this mode enables you to capture a 360 video which can be automatically converted to a stabilized non-360 video.  The user can change the view such as to a tiny planet view simply by swiping the screen.  Please note that Supervlog videos have a limited duration of 2 minutes.
    8. Vlog live: this is a non-360 live stream where the user can control the perspective.
    9. Underwater dive case: Kandao released an underwater dive case and underwater color mode for the Qoocam 8K, which enables it to smoothly stitch 360 photos and videos underwater, while negating refraction.