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Z Cam E2C: $799 for ProRes
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  • @markr041

    I think video made by the ex PV member who liked to attack you, no?

  • No, that was someone else. This guy hated the Z Cam E1 and stopped using it, but he was shown to be off base once new firmware on that camera made some significant improvements. This shows he was/is not prejudiced against Z Cam. And the video is informative, even if the video examples are pretty awful (which I don't think he would deny).

  • "DR" E2C test video:

  • If E2C supports ZRAW will you be happy?

    ZRAW coming soon, it seems.

  • Here is what untweaked REC709 looks like right out of the camera (HEVC 10bit 4K at 200 Mbps):

  • @markr041 Nice! So far the best footage available with the E2c.

  • the rolling shutter pretty bad

  • Run and gun in a park:

    This is using no peripherals - just camera and lens and battery - no monitor, no handle, no big battery. Focus aids work in AF: peaking and magnification.

    Lens: PL 12-60mm

  • And now, an HDR (HLG) video!

  • The HDR HLG reminds me of old Technicolor, especially the ultra blue skies and skin tones.

  • Shot using Zlog2, then graded. Easy to grade (and 10bit). I do not find the Z cam LUT for Zlig2 useful and did not use it. Grading aim: to look like what I saw.

  • Low-light test: Grand Central terminal basement. REC709.

  • Low-light test 2: Night scenes:

    Lens was f2.8-f4, nor particularly fast. And shutter at 1/60th, so motion is smooth with no ghosting. Shot in "flat".

  • @markr041 nice images, really a capable camera. Can you also post some handheld to see the rolling shutter of the camera? It would be also cool if you mention İSO, the last night footage is really cool

  • Thanks. All of my videos are handheld. ISO1600 for the night video.

  • My first attempt to shoot ProRes (422 HQ), using a Sandisk 1TB Extreme Pro SSD attached to the E2C by USB-C, and rubber band. I shot 109 GB's of clips without a glitch. With an Ipod Touch for viewing and touch screen focus (no-wire WiFi) and control and the rubber-banded SSD, I had a light and small rig shooting ProRes.

    Here is the test video excerpt:

  • ProRes and portable - great for street videography:

  • 4K 60P example: In this video, the motion is in playing instruments: fingers flying on a keyboard, and fingering and bowing violins. This intricate motion needs to be well-captured. Motion is not just sports and fast cars.

  • The 4K 60P video is the E2 and not the E2C. E2C is only 30fps @ 4K.

  • Yes, I mistakenly posted it here, and I did not see a way to delete it after I discovered the mistake.

  • New firmware for the E2C -

    1. DCI 4K at 30P.
    2. ProRes up through 422 HQ.
    3. ZRAW
    4. Monitor LUT capability when shooting Zlog2. and more

    Example of4KDCI 30P (H265 Zlog2):

  • 4KDCI 30P ProRes422 HQ: