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8K m43 Camera with Flip-Out Screen from... Sharp?
  • This is pretty out of left field. At least I hadn't seen any predictions of a camera like this. Looks like Sharp was really smitten with the BMPCC4K design as there are a lot of body similarities. Not really much info from Sharp yet on it or even a name but supposedly it will shoot 8Kp30 in H265.

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  • Still not ready


    766 x 456 - 50K
  • image

    HDMI 2.1 is present in Nvidia 3xxx cards now

    800 x 352 - 32K
  • image

    800 x 541 - 99K
  • Comes with a waffle iron.

  • Well they did say under $4000. Though under 3K would be a better selling point it is worth pointing out compared to BMPCC's this will likely have very good advanced auto focus features, and presumably outputting that 10bit (dare we hope 12bit) over hdmi to a recorder for much better bit rates. More than price my gripe is 200 megabit per second is decent for 4k, but for 8k is not so appealing. 400 megabit internal would be the minimum for serious shooting imho, but this camera is likely targeted at their 8K television test pilots who will not do a lick of grading and be happy with what will still likely look better than most compressed 8k content they are viewing. If you want a camera for serious film work the zcam 8k offering is going to be $5000 by the time they actually release it, or shortly thereafter ($4000 within a year), so that would be the route to go. The sharp camera is a very interesting offering though, and will undoubtedly be popular with bloggers that want to be the first to upload their face blocking otherwise nice views in 8k ;) B-b-but, I am sure in the right hands it will also be nice for other more serious intentions as well.

  • Serious waffling on the release date, but they had a working model that ppl borrowed a year ago. No way would I pay 4K. My rule of thumb is 25 cents a pixel (nominative).

  • Looking forward to seeing what they are able to sell this for. 8k is a headline feature but if it is just under $4k in price then there is no way I am purchasing this out of the gate as these will surely drop in price, especially where there is some competition. I would think $1995 would be the right price for this, but maybe I'm just imaging what a Blackmagic Pocket 8K m4/3 would sell for when eventually released. I thought the footage from this camera looked really good from the prototype so adding 10bit should make it even nicer. If this were priced under $2k, I think it would see well.

  • Looks interesting! 10 bit.

  • @DrDave

    Big thing can be licensing and patent things also.

  • What I don't understand is that they appeared to having a working prototype with very good IQ, and they actually lent the camera out. I mean, it isn't like that cardboard camera Olympus trotted out at some point.

  • @EspenB

    Hope so, our team will be at CES.

  • Will we see it at CES next week?

  • @mei

    Real life happened, I figure next stage can be November or CES 2020.

  • What happened to this guy's?

  • Our interview

  • Just in case people aren't aware, this video that was linked already has a link that allows you to download the original files straight from the camera. Great way to see the quality and how your computer handles it in different applications.

    Direct link to the files:

  • Looks super.

  • iso don't remember lol so unprofessional