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Insta360 ONE X 360-degree 5.7K camera
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  • Insta360 Launches Exclusive ONE X Apple Bundle; Software Update Brings HDR Video, Google Street View Integration

    Insta360 announced today that its flagship 360-degree action camera, the Insta360 ONE X, is now available at as part of an exclusive camera bundle.

    The launch of the bundle coincides with the release of a major product update that brings to the ONE X a new HDR (high dynamic range) video mode and easy, integrated support for uploading content to Google Maps Street View. The update is available via a free download for all ONE X users.

    The Apple-exclusive ONE X Camera Bundle comes with a range of versatile accessories, including a multi-function Bullet Time Handle that also serves as a tripod, an Invisible Selfie Stick, two batteries, and a protective carry pouch.

    First-Ever Action Camera with Built-In HDR Video

    With a free software update (version 1.1.0) available today, the ONE X becomes the first-ever action camera to offer built-in HDR video capture.

    HDR mode shoots video that looks natural and vibrant, with accurate highlights and lowlights — all with no post production work necessary. When capturing 360 video, lighting conditions vary in every direction, and high dynamic range is essential for getting video that looks and feels right.

    The HDR video mode shoots 5.7K at 25 FPS.

    Google Maps Street View Integration

    The update also introduces a new capture mode for contributing 360 content to Google Maps Street View.

    Using the new mode, users can shoot 360 videos at their favorite locations and upload directly to Google Maps Street View from the Insta360 ONE X app. Videos will be automatically converted into a series of evenly spaced 360 photo spheres and viewable in Street View.

    It’s an amazing way for users to put their favorite places – both indoor and out – on the map.

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  • That guy got a bum unit. The audio problems he's describing don't exist at all on mine.

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    Yes, but all other things are present.

  • @Vitliy_Kiselev Sure, but parts of his review were absurd anyway - like talking about how he set up a professional shoot using a consumer-grade camera that he'd ordered, but never used. Perfect way to set oneself up for failure.

  • Leading 360-degree camera maker Insta360 and pioneering virtual tour platform Matterport today announced a new partnership that makes virtual tour creation easier than ever.

    The partnership lets virtual tour creators quickly capture a property in 360 degrees with the Insta360 ONE X camera, and then use Matterport’s AI-powered software to create an interactive 3D floor plan and walkthrough, complete with depth and square footage data. The upshot is that pro-quality virtual tours can now be created by anyone, using Insta360’s easy-to-use flagship camera.

    The new partnership comes as part of Insta360’s increasing focus on the growing enterprise market for 360 cameras, which includes the launch of a new page highlighting 360 enterprise applications. Insta360 also announced upcoming integrations with a range of other popular virtual tour platforms, including iStaging, immoviewer, Cupix, VPiX, Kuula.

    “Today marks a huge step forward for 360 capture in real estate,” said Michael Shabun, Insta360’s Director of Marketing, North America. “Virtual tours used to be expensive, time-consuming and complex. Using the ONE X, anyone can create one with a few taps.”

    Shabun said that Insta360’s goal is to become the premiere camera choice for virtual tour creators in the real estate, hospitality and tourism industries.

    The Matterport integration is currently in beta, with public release planned for March. Insta360 ONE X users can request access to the beta today at Also in March, Matterport will introduce a new $9.99-per-month subscription tier for their virtual tour software, designed to easily onboard ONE X users new to the platform.

    How It Works

    Creating a virtual tour with Matterport and the Insta360 ONE X couldn’t be easier. After arriving at a property, creators connect to the ONE X via Matterport’s mobile app.

    Then, they simply follow the steps provided by the app as they capture 360-degree photos at key locations throughout the property. With the ONE X, all it takes is a single tap to capture a seamless 360-degree photo, and the camera’s 18MP resolution and automatic HDR mode make it perfect for interior photography.

    Once every room has been covered, creators can upload their photos to Matterport’s cloud-based virtual tour platform, and their content will be automatically converted into an interactive 3D space, including depth and area measurements. The resulting virtual tour can be easily shared or added to a real estate listing.

    Creating virtual tours brings an immediate benefit to real estate professionals. A study from showed that listings with virtual tours get 87 percent more views than those without, while another study from showed that they generate 49 percent more qualified leads.