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Comparison of Vegas Pro 16 and DaVinci Resolve Studio 14 for Producing HDR Videos
  • I created a 4K HDR10 video from each software package using the same clips, shot in Slog2.

    Vegas Pro produced an HEVC HDR10 video playable on any HDR TV and playable on Windows 10 computers capable of HDR (I have a 10bit, HDR monitor).

    Resolve creates an Avid 10bit 4K HDR video with the correct HDR10 metadata. It plays on no hardware of any kind in HDR and does not play in HDR using any software I know about, but the file is recognized by YouTube as HDR. Resolve has no HEVC or even H264 10bit render options!

    For the exact same HDR10 4K video the Vegas-produced file size was 408Kb. The Resolve-produced HDR10 4K video from the same clips was 8.6GB. Yes almost 9 gigabytes versus half a megabyte! The Vegas Pro video took 25 minutes to render, the Resolve video 7 minutes (because the file is only lightly compressed).

    Here is the Resolve version:

    Here is the Vegas version:

    I do not see much of a difference. The Resolve video is brighter (more DR) because I was able to use the scopes to max out the DR.

    I think I understand the scopes (designed specifically for HDR) and the controls in Resolve. But I understand neither in Vegas in ACES for HDR, yet (I have mastered them outside ACES and in SDR).

    These HDR10 videos were both made essentially only using the built in (ACES or ResolveCM) transforms from Slog2 to HDR10 for 1000nits screens with little tweaking by me, except for increasing the DR a bit in Resolve.