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Panasonic G9 issues topic
  • I bought the Panasonic G9, it's nice and all but like any other camera is has issues.

    I started a topic where users can write their discovered problems in the hope that someone at Panasonic reads those forums and acknowledges them.

    Below I will present what I found wrong on the G9 so far:

    • At higher ISO values I see more than several hot pixels in both Panasonic G9 cameras that I’ve bought. They don’t go away with the Pixel Refresh options (most of them are random). Please Panasonic implement a better way to mask them via a firmware update. It’s really annoying to have hot pixels in my images most of the time. It's hard to understand how important aspect was so easily overlooked!?
    • The auto ISO feature with minimum shutter speed option is not working properly. If for example I chose to set a minimum shutter speed of 1/100 seconds, I expect to get that setting no matter what! In the current implementation, the shutter goes below the limit I set after the camera reaches it's maximum ISO limit and considers it’s too dark. I what my camera to respect my wishes and never go below the minimum shutter speed I set when that setting is on!
    • It doesn't feature at all minimum shutter speed in video mode like the Gh3 and 4 had.
    • The video function flkr reduction can only be activated in still modes and not the video modes. :)) (should I laugh or be sad).
    • I can't set ISO 100 on the auto ISO option, why?
    • The joystick is a nice addition to the camera (in theory), but the way it operates makes it useless for moving the focus point! First, the speed is way too slow, second it only moves horizontally or vertically and we also need it to go in diagonals.
    • The AF (although very quick) in photo mode, in lower light values it hunts a lot and it's not that reliable (I had no problems with the GH4 in the same conditions).
    • Very annoying! In video mode I can't change from the main dial the focus type, continuous or single mode cause Panasonic decided to implement that feature on another menu (burred deep in the video menus) and that overwrites the back AF dial on the camera.
    • In RAW mode at ISO 200 (the so called base ISO in still mode), if the camera is underexposed a bit, the image has a huge magenta cast in the shadows (after exposure recovery). The problem only manifests itself at ISO 200, at ISO 100, 400 etc the camera works properly (I attached an example below). The big problem is that in auto ISO mode, in good light the camera most of the time will chose the minimum ISO 200 (where the problem is). If Panasonic can't correct this, at least they should give the option of ISO 100 in auto ISO mode, to avoid it (somehow).
    • The orange light that illuminates the top LCD fades away after a few seconds even if you are still changing settings that you want to see on the camera.

    A small feature request: - Panasonic implemented Luminance levels of 16-255 and 0-235 but not the most useful 16-235 setting (it’s such a pity). Most players and TV's have Luminance values of 16-235 (the one that;s missing from the menu).


    Problems not necessarily related to the G9 but important nonetheless cause they affect the manual focus mode:

    • The current implementation of manual focus is close to useless way it is now (sorry but that’s the truth). I wish Panasonic would implement for their Lumix AF lenses, in manual focus mode a distance scale on the camera screen (basically what Fuji does)? There is a scale but without marked distance it's not very usefully. Panasonic AF lenses are grate in AF mode but are a really pain to focus manually. Can somebody at Panasonic please remove the annoying rotation speed sensitivity (or at least give an option to disable it if desire). Coming from manual focus lenses, it's very had to focus with those Lumix AF ones. So basically, I just really wish the option to have a constant reliable rotation of the focus ring (like how manual focus lenses behave) regardless of how fast or slow I turn it (in other words, I want only one speed when turning the focus by wire ring on the lenses). And an option to select the degree of the rotation (like 45, 90, 180 degrees of rotation). I understand the limitations of the continuous AF in video mode but please at least offer us a pleasant manual focus experience.

    All above can be dressed in a firmware update if desired.

    Panasonic G9.jpg
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    Panasonic G9 full size.jpg
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  • I've just tried the G9 with a TTL flash on A priority: SURPISE!

    The shutter speed goes to 1/60 second.

    In this example I'm using an 42.5mm f/1,2 lens wide open. I've set the ISO range up to 6400, minimum 1/100 shutter speed (for the auto ISO) and the camera takes pictures at 1/60 of a second (with flash on TTL)?

    The G9 uses the same slow shutter speed even when I set the ISO manually, higher than I'd normally want it to be.

    If I set a minimum x shutter speed (in auto ISO), I expect the camera to fulfill that wish, no matter what, in normal shooting or flash mode!

    If Panasonic reads this, I hope they acknowledge and remedy this behavior on the G9.

  • I have the same issue with the gh5 no matter which iso i use...some pic has no color shift in the shadows some has magenta or green shift...if you shoot a timelapse and recover shadows too much it becames pretty visible...

  • Thanks for sharing your experience @sebolla.

  • I received the long awaited Olympus 17mm f/1,2 lens (which by the way is fantastic), but unfortunately I'm having focusing issues on the Panasonic G9 with it.

    Most of the time, but not always, the G9 has a tendency to back focus the Olympus 17mm f/1,2 lens. The problem manifests itself at all apertures, not only wide open. I have 2 G9 body's and both have the same behavior.

    I've send the lens in service and they said it works perfectly but I still have the problem on the G9's I own.

    I've tried it on a Panasonic G6 and the lens has a spot on focus in all the test I've done. Below I've attached several comparison samples between the G6 and G9 + the Olympus 17mm f/1,2 lens, wide open. I've marked the focus point with a red X.

    Does anybody else that both have a Panasonic G9 camera and a Olympus 17mm f/1,2 lens seen this problem?

    G9 vs G6 + Olympus 17mm f1,2 lens test 2.jpg
    1603 x 979 - 919K
    G9 vs G6 + Olympus 17mm f1,2 lens test 1.jpg
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    G9 vs G6 + Olympus 17mm f1,2 lens test 3.jpg
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  • O Ive just found your detailed list here @Eno Was there any of the issue above fix in firmware since 2018?

  • @konjow

    After one + years and 2 firmware updates that didn't solved any of the above, I've sold all my m4/3 gear and bought into Sony ecosystem. :)

  • Brave decision... I just stoped on GH4 but mainly because AF which I was lonely waiting :) But then with GH5 Flame they start to work on it. I got my G9 recently. BTW My Z6 is little smaller then G9 :)

  • @konjow The sensor of the Z 6 is 3.8X bigger in surface area than that of the G9 in a smaller body. When you see a GH camera without lens so you can see the sensor, it looks ridiculous - a tiny sensor in a big body.