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Manual lenses, exposure compensation, Auto ISO and Panasonic G Cameras
  • Hi there, I know it's kind of an old issue, but maybe some of you have found a workaround this.

    I use G6 / GX80(85) / GH2 and all three works fine with :

    • Shutter Priority Mode
    • Auto ISO.
    • Exposure Compensation above or under the mid-point.
    • Electronically detected lenses (aperture settable by the body).


    I just can't change the ExpComp while using a Manual Lens. It's just staying to zéro.

    It works but only in Program or Aperture Priority mode, the cameras changes both Auto ISO and/or Shutter Speed (not Aperture as it is only changeable on the lens barrel, not electronically).

    I've noted that in P or A mode the Camera tries to avoid flickering. However during lighting transitions or in extreme settings the Shutter Speed seems to be used as a last resort for exposure compensation, producing momentary flickering. It's just a guess though, not quit sure.

    As I have to protect my highlights, I'm used to set ExpComp to -2/3, especially in case of a high contrast and frequent changing scene (live events).

    If anyone have a clue to address this I will be greatly thankful.

    Cheers !

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  • Panasonic seems to guide us using full manual or full auto because they make artificial limitations to A, S, P and auto iso modes. For example not showing exposure values. So you may need to use full manual. idynamic protects highlights by underexposing image and lifting shadows/gamma. It may be one solution but the IQ may suffers with higher iso.

  • That's a real bummer. I guess I have to sell a kidney and my SLR Magic 12 mm T 1.6 to buy a Panasonic Leica 12 mm f 1.4 then :o