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PPoll: Grumpy or Pony
  • Dear members.

    We all know our leader Vitaly, from one way or another for good or bad, he and his team has manage to keep up one of the most interesting forums sites camera related and tech stuff, and all the internet. We all know PV it it's something special. Nor good or bad it's just special.

    So poll is something different.

    How you persive our current Leader from the inside. You know.. That black rock he calls heart. Lol just kidding.

    So is he : Grumpy cat or good pony

    Let's gets started.

    Also we don't know your birthday Vitaly! May be fun have some presents from forum members.

    400 x 400 - 24K
  • 8 Replies sorted by
  • Grumpy on the outside. Staling on the inside

  • a Chekist has to have a cold head, a hot heart and clean hands

    Felix Dzerzhinsky

  • Neither grumpy cat nor good pony.

    Sparkling space unicorn.

  • Space unicorn

    800 x 794 - 133K
  • Zebra. Everything is black & white.

  • legend

    620 x 600 - 143K
  • image

    797 x 509 - 48K
  • proper color photo/video/cine celebrity star scared by paparazzi camera flash light, tired of the luxurious life, caught on top of the trash can.

    400 x 225 - 28K