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Sony A7s III, 4K 60p and FHD 240p, late and sligthly disfunctional Sony child
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  • Price is too big for present economic state. May be $2499 as Vitaliy mentioned could be ok.

  • Small talk with big online retailer

    Since annnouncement preorders are around 1/4 (25%) compared to previous A7s model (for exactly same time since preorder page is up).

  • The footage looks decent to me, but not phenomenal. Was I the only one thinking that the footage would wow me more or am I missing something?

  • I don’t know if is 13 stops or what?

    1334 x 750 - 465K
  • Cooling is not very good, especially for sensor


    As Sony no longer can really new LSI they had been forced to use pair of LSI and share the load trying to keep thermal within bounds, yet during prolonged shot die temperatures reach 95-104 degrees with ease.


    790 x 584 - 71K
    769 x 424 - 65K
  • Update on preorder status

    • First retailer - 23% compared to preorders of previous model
    • Second retailer - 12% compared to preorders of previous model

    After initial hours preorder are falling almost exponentially.

    According to my source in first retailer present income level of wedding video guys and freelancers is now below 20% of income just one year ago. Almost 80% of orders are made using goverment money now. But most people try to save this money knowing that such free ride will end.

  • Remember, if you still want to finance new nice mansion on Maui island for Sony management, make your donation little smaller!


    Use EDU discounts, it is ease to use (even if you are not student), just Google and ask people.

    But better just stay off, let the Royal yacht of this guys slowly dive into Mariana Trench.

    675 x 74 - 11K
  • Comparison with Canon

  • The Sony a7S III ran several degrees hotter than the Canon EOS R5 when recording 4K/60p in direct sunlight.

    Issue is that buth Canon and Sony want to use LSI that are not suitable for such tasks.

    But they don't have resources to design and make proper 7nm or even 14nm LSI.

  • You guys noticing the amount of love and praise for this crappy video camera YouTubers are giving? Im thinking Sony spent a lot of money buying love ,haven't seen thus much BS in long time after a release

  • @sammy

    Sony as many other companies have special people working with bloggers on their reviews.

    Usually they help and provide nice guidlines.

    Plus it is all cheap as at present time of lakc of income for most video guys it is enough to just blink.

  • Crappy???

  • Some tests showing overheating in direct sun with 24p in 4k.

  • 4199€ here in Germany for the worst IBIS, an oversharpened image to hide a very soft 4K, no 4k APS-C mode, 12MP only for still ... And yet a lot of german and french Youtubers who have received the A7SIII by Sony are in love with the camera, most of the time they never speak about the crappy IBIS or the soft and oversharpened image. Sony is now better for buying people than making good cameras.

  • Is IBIS in A7sIII worse than in A7sII? Any tests available?