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Cheap Powerful Godox SL60W LED Fresnel below $199
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  • My assistant ordered off Amazon for me... I didn't know about the NG-10X option... Now I wonder if I could have that done or if it really matters...?

  • PV US Lab, Godox SL60W AC Power Consumption


    800 x 461 - 79K
  • PV US Lab, Godox SL60W Illuminance at 1 meter




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  • PV US Lab, Godox SL60W Noise measurement at 30 centimeters


    PV US Lab, Godox SL60W Noise measurement at 1 meter


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  • @konjow

    I know, but much more expensive, and battery part is custom, so very little use.

  • True but its same battery as AD600 which looks good for still which I considered. btw AC/dc for ad600 cost optionally +$150 it may apply in here as well as I cant see it included.

  • True but its same battery as AD600 which looks good for still which I considered. btw AC/dc for ad600 cost optionally +$150 it may apply in here as well as I cant see it included.


    SLB60 is photo light, it is not for video, hence such approach.

    Godox is photo company that originated from flashes and such.

  • Our Video Review

  • Additional noise video (we made A-weighted measurements, but it is more detailed 3D spectrogram)

  • Another view on noise spectrum

    Note that here values are normalized.

    Light on


    Light off

    Note that here values are normalized, so do not compare level of this with anything.


    Near Turning off Event

    You can see ripple made by switch click.


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  • Issue with SL-100W and SL-200W

  • Does anyone know how to replace the fan on the Godox SL60W LED, I saw your review and picked one up and have ordered a Noctua NF-A8 ULN Premium 80mm Fan but cannot find any info on replacement. Do I go in from the front assuming fan is behind the heat sink? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks for your time


    After taking this light apart and "attempting" to replace the fan I discovered the SL60W is using the old fan plug ins. The Noctua NF-A8 ULN uses the newer style so unless you can get an adapter or start splicing wires don't really think it's worth the trouble, live and learn.

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  • I made a shorter, lighter body with a flat 1/4" tripod mount for the Godox SL-60 video light that can be printed on any 3D printer.

    This modification saves about 400 g and makes the lamp 4 cm shorter. The flat bottom with the integrated 1/4" mount lets you use any camera tripod.

    Free download on Thingiverse: Godox SL-60 LED Video Light Short Body

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  • @Jooon

    Thanks, very good looking thing.

  • Nice one @jooon. I have not had a problem with the body on the SL60W but your creation is interesting enough to give a print and test out anyhow.

  • @jooon congratullation for your desing. How is the heat dissipation with so short body?

  • @Grimor The heat is blown out through the front heat sink, so it's practically the same, no changes here.

    But talking about the fan: If you want replace the fan with a less noisy one, changing the body is a good time to also replace the fan. There is quite a difference regarding the fan noise between different SL-60 lights, so it might not be necessary, but if you have a loud one it's definitely worth it.

    Parts needed: be quiet! Shadow Wings SW1 Low-Speed 80mm 1400rpm (BL050) - Get exactly this fan, there are different speed versions of this fan

    3 x Dupont Cables Male-Female 10 cm (AliExpress)

    This is a straight forward replacement for the original fan, you just have to widen the holes on the fan to accept 3mm screws. Use three dupont cables to connect the fan to the main board (the plug on the original fan is different).

  • @Jooon what a detailled answer!!! Curious as you mentioned, i have 2 units of Sl60 and one has almost no noise and the other one is noisy as hell. Thanks for those tips, bro!

  • @Jooon @gdg444 @scochtape i bought a noctua NF-A8 ULN but can't make it work with sl60w. I strip and solder cables with same color (yellow-yellow, black-black and red-red). Led light keeps blinking. I notice that old plug has different order that new one, so i change signal and +12v order with no luck. What i'm missing here?

  • Solved. Noctua and stock fan has same wire colours, but in diferent order. The issue was i was trying to plug in the same port as stock fan. There's a little PCB (labeled FANRC) screwed to the main board with a big capacitor and several microresistors in the other side that need to be disconnected and plug the noctua direct to the main board in order to work. Dont know the purpose of this pcb, and the risk of get it off.

    Maybe keep the fan spinning after powering off the unit, @Vitaliy_Kiselev ?

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    2048 x 1152 - 660K
  • @Grimor I just tried doing this myself on an SL-150W and as it turns out this model does not have that part of the board at all. See attachment. Power goes straight off the board.

    Given that the stock fan is rated for six times the current of the Noctua (.30 vs .05A) I think the board is throwing an error because it is not pulling enough power. The flashing battery symbol on the display is the same as when no fan is plugged in.

    I am thinking a different fan needs used, one that pulls more current, or maybe there is a resistor that can be bypassed on the noctua so it pulls more current. Even if you wanted to just ignore the flashing error on the board the SL-150W quickly overheats when used with a Noctua NF-A8 ULN, it is just too slow for that much heat and causes the light to shutdown within a few minutes.

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  • @bottles101 100% Agree. Now i'm working with Noctua NF-A8 PWM with restrictor cable and a bridge, so i have a 2 speed/modes fan. ULN airflow is not enought even for SL60. And to make things worse, the ULN adds a lot of flickering to the light at its low power (10-30%). Dont know the reason, but the extrange battery symbol and the flicker makes the noctuas not usable at all. So it's time for hound a silent fan that fit and macht the current of original part. Attached the image of the cable i make, with 2 speed wire.

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  • My two unit of SL60W have different models of fan: Snowfan YY9225M12B

    Progressive PD922512LB

    Being "Progressive" lot of noiser than "Snowfan"