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NAB 2017: Fujinon 2017 Cine Lenses
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  • Priceeeeeey.

  • Fujinon is also bringing this out in X mount as well as for this pair of lenses, as well as E mount, makes you wonder if Fujinon is going to bring out a cinema camera.... their stills cameras are doing 4K after all.

    So, is this mount on the lenses swappable between X mount and E mount??

    I wonder if the new lower priced Varicam ships in MFT mount if they will then release this for MFT mount as well?


    Nope! For what it is, this is incredibly cheap.

  • Exactly. Not pricey at all when you consider the alternatives. A lightweight parfocal fast zoom with Fujinon's image pedigree at this price? What is the competition? None. The only reason the whole world isn't going crazy for it is because it is limited in terms of mounts. If this was achieved for ef flange distance, there would be a revolution.