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GH2 stopped working at the middle of hacking
  • Hello, I know.. this is bad. My battery just died when my camera was in hacking process. So I charded it up, pluged it back. My GH2 stopped working, just black screen, no menu, not able to shoot any more, what to do!?

    GH2 Died during update of firmware...

    BTW.. camera turns on but only I can see black screen...

    Appreciate any help,

    Thank you,


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  • That means, not possible to make it working again?

  • The demand to give up the illusions about its condition is the demand to give up a condition that needs illusions…


  • That's very bad.. Almost every device dies within bad flash process. That's the reason for disclaimer about not to disconnect from power during flash process. It maybe could be revived with manual flash firmware but it's probably very expensive proces as it needs disassembling camera and using special equipment to flash it back.. It's not that easy as flash corrupted BIOS chip on the PC. Cheaper is to get another camera I think (I have some spare GH2s in here :) )

  • @JOFO

    Proper way is to have separate loader that is never touched and has all interface to flash firmware again in case of issues.

    Instead devices use idiots way, they have flash code in RAM, format all flash chip (or each of volumes in more complex things) and later do writing by blocks. If anything goes bad - you are toast.

    I think it is some mix of software developers qualification, managers idioticy, and top management wish to have more service centers income (even 3rd party centers love expensive repairs).

  • Yea, you're totally right.. I wish all manufacturers will make separate bootloader for easier and more bulletproof flashing process. Just like new Ambrellas or phones with recovery bootloader to recover bad flash.. Gladly I'm not affected by this "issue" as I flash only with full battery so my cameras are still in working condition :) I have had some PC/notebook motherboards with bad flash which is easy to repair with EEPROM programmer or in rare cases just BIOS chip replacement. But these cameras are almost impossible to repair. Especially at home :)