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Mouse vs Keyboard Shortcuts vs Tablets - How do you like to video edit?
  • Thought I'd get everyone's opinion on what you like when video editing. I've always used a mouse, but some like keyboard shortcuts, and I've even heard that some people like tablets, like the Wacom tablet. I'm curious what people like for feeling of control, ease of creativity, speed, and other factors.

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  • Nice setup @Psyco

    I'm gonna try the Korg Nanokontrol 2, for my audio workflow in Premiere, it is said to speak Mackie language, so it should work, has anyone had hands on experience with this cheap controller?

  • After working many (many many) hours on it...can't resist to post here (even when its not finished yet):


    Tangent Ripple, Numark Orbit, MidiFighter Spectra, MidiFighter Twister - all integrated in a tilted board, wired through an USB-Hub mounted on the downside of the board. Keyboard and mouse will only be second choice after programming all the shortcuts and controlls to those buttons and knobs (I'm using ControllerMate).

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  • for all windows user, who are switching between tablet, trackballs and mices, there is a nice software called eithermouse

    • Instantly changes settings when any mouse is used:

      • swap buttons
      • mirror cursor
      • adjust speeds
      • and more...
    • Leave multiple mice on a pc and automatically swap buttons on each mouse.

    • Have a left-handed and a right-handed mouse always connected and ready to use.
    • Match speeds across different mice, ie touchpad and mouse with different speeds.
    • Accommodate left and right handed users easily on multi-user or public workstations.
    • Helps prevent RSI/injury issues by allowing seemless switching between hands.
    • Quickly change mouse settings from system tray if only one mouse is used
  • I too use the wacom tablet for editing on Premiere. I use it with an Evoluent mouse, for when the tablet is not as responsive. Also use a trackball (Kensington) for colour correction and keyboard shortcuts. I think the mixing it up is good for me if its too much of one thing then old RSI can creep back in.

  • @rheinpirat thanks. Looks like a good thing, only it is a bit expensive and subscription based.. maybe is better idea for me to look into some real hardware controller

  • @inqb8tr or you can check this out

  • Is this on the topic?

    Chinese silicone keyboard skin arrived today, never before had one so really I can't compare it to anything, but it seems ok. I mean, it is well done and fits very well on the keyboard, but I don't know how durable will it be, and after few hours of typing on it seems like I'll put it on only in premiere :) Maybe some getting used to is needed, touching silicone instead of that fine white thing (ivory right? hahah) that apple builds their keyboards of. But 9 euro and it arrived fast.

  • I'm on hackintosh, but I believe that the functionality is the same. I'll check it out.

  • I am trying this out, I could map keystrokes and shortcuts on any virtual button with the bome midi translator, but couldn't get the faders and the pans to work. A mackie protocol emulation software would be nice, but I can find only a software for OSX. Maybe you can try it out, if you are on a mac?

  • @rheinpirat

    Yeah, thanks, something like that. But, I've tried that one, and it didn't work for me, now I can't remember what went wrong. Maybe I'll check it again

  • @inqb8tr You mean something like this? TouchOSC You can customize your layout and maybe you can map it to functions in premiere with autohotkey.

    This seems helpful: and this one too

  • @rheinpirat Cool, it seems like you have your workflow pretty well optimized. After a few days with the Wacom Tablet, it's not flowing for me, so will probably return it. But I did get some real nice speed increase with a new Razer mouse with 12 programable buttons. Plus nice ability to adjust your mouse speed on X & Y axis independently. So I'll probably focus on keyboard shortcuts/hot keys and mouse button programming. Thanks for sharing your setup and tips.

  • @matt_gh2 the buttons to the side and circle/slider help me a lot in photoshop or after effects, not that much in premiere or avid. the precision mode, active area is getting smaller and the pen is more accurate, is very nice for masking and manipulating curves. I bought the tablet back then because of my RSI und first it was very strange to use, but now I can switch between mouse and pen without problems.

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  • @rheinpirat Cool, looks like a good setup. Thanks. Will setup my desk that way as I'm trying out this Wacom Tablet. Are you using the Tablet only for scrubbing timeline, or do you find other good uses for it when video editing? I just bought the basic one, but wondering if I should return and get one of the tablets that has buttons to the side and circle/slider. Do you get much use out of those buttons and circle/slider? Thanks for your help - I'm really trying to optimize my workflow!

  • @matt_gh2 Yes, I use a tablet, a mouse and of course a keyboard. As you can see in the first pictures, I use even sometimes a trackball. I mapped the trackball in DaVinci to the colorwheels, so I can use it as a poor man's control surface. If I hold the pen as you can see it in the pictures, I can use the keyboard and the mouse with both hands without any problems. Only for really long and fast typing, I have to lay down the pen.

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  • Do guys like to use a gaming mouse with programmable buttons instead of using keyboard shortcuts?

    Hi @rheinpirat . I've been trying out a basic Wacom Tablet for a couple days - still getting used to it. Do you use the tablet, a mouse, and keyboard? How do you coordinate and layout all those optimally on your desk? It seems tablet and mouse would be in each others way, plus switching from using pen for tablet, then to mouse, would slow things down? Or does it just work well after getting used to them all after awhile?

  • Awesome, you guys are blowing my mind!

  • Can someone give an example of how they are using autohotkey please? What type of actions are you using it for?

  • @DrDave @caveport

    How about photo of workplace?

  • Keyboard, mouse, Shuttle, Midi Fighter Twister.

  • Autokey, mouse, kbd, shuttle

  • I tend to rely on keyboard mostly, mouse just to get around and drag things, as everyone does.

    I am looking for an app for a mobile device that can be mapped to certain functions in Premiere, specially to audio mixer channel strip, so I could ride the fader via touchscreen interface, and not with mouse, to write the automation. It can never be as good as real controller, but probably better than with the mouse..