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GH4 External Vlog White Balance Metadata
  • Is there a way to view the precise Kelvin reading of GH4 footage in Premiere Pro CC metadata or any other software? The DP shot in varied White Balances in V log External & i need to be able to get the accurate temperature data of the footage he shot on.

    Also, i am using Filmconvert (GH4+VLOG) to grade. The WB parameter (in Film Convert) is an offset rather than a setting in my past experience. Would it then actually wreck my clip if i dialed the Film Convert WB parameter over to 3200K from it's default position on Daylight if the footage was shot on 3200K too?

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  • Try Exiftool. It shows almost everything about GH4 video exif.

  • Tried that already. Its showing exif of internal GH4 recording but not for the External Atomos Ninja Blade footage i need it for. :-/

  • Maybe contact Panasonic to find out what metadata is sent through the external port to a recorder?