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Personal View Members Collaborative Videos + Mimirsan
  • A new thread to show off team films and showreels put together by personal-view members.
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  • We kick of this thread with a general showreel of clips put together by INTRA fans on

    This puts together many of the Driftwood developed INTRA patches for the Panasonic Lumix GH2 camera which was hacked by Vitaliy Kiselev in 2011.

    It is the first of many showreels by actual personal view members acting as a team - whether it be shooting, editing, music, post production and grading. Thank you for being part of it, you know who you are.

    This is the ungraded version, a graded version will be up over the next few days.

    To download the original 'wrapped' in a MXF format contents folder, pre-vimeo transcoded, go here;-



    We'll correct it in the graded version.
  • @driftwood Way to get the ball rolling, Nick. I'm happy I lent my music to the cause and happier with what you did with it, especially the way the editing synced with the music from around 3:03 (bonus that, that happened to be one of my clips) on for about the next minute following, regardless of any politics involved in a section of that.
  • Well done mate, its soooo nice to have music soundtrack made by one of the members here. :-)
  • Strong work.
  • !, the awesomness! thanks to everyone who make this possible!, specially to Vitaliy and Driftwood of course!

    my personal favorites:
    1: Driftwood "Sundown" (specially considering it was ex tele!)
    2: RRRR "Bridge" & "Lowlight walk"
    3: Halvalla "Aquarium" & Greenbean "Driftwood, Berkeley CA"

    *and thepalalias music :D

    and a special creative award goes to:
    bdegazio"Microscopic" & thepalalias "Eye"

    (btw @bdegazio would you mind sharing how did you achieve that shoot?, perhaps a pic of the gear used or a how to :D please!)
  • @lolo Thanks!

    @bdegazio I enjoyed your "Microscopic" clip, also. I thought I was getting "up close" but you took it to the next exponential level. :)
  • Well done, everyone! Really fun this! :)
  • The Reel looks great, thanks Nick
  • Absolutely incredible! People need to see this. Such amazing potential in this camera (in the right hands).
    Hope there will be more show-reels, I will contribute too.
  • I was thinking we could shoot a feature film . . . all we need is a main character that can be easily played by different actors (think masked superhero or on a more complex level, Dr. Who) . . . . Then groups of us in different parts of the world film on-location all over the globe, giving it scope, and effectively splitting up the work so no one of us is attempting to film the whole thing. IDK, I'm just starting to get bored of test videos and slice-of-life 5-minute pieces (as wonderful as they are, there sure are getting to be a freaking bazillion of them).
  • @B3Guy defo a great idea... Let the scripting begin, the next one should be movie-esque... Get all ideas in. :)
  • +1 b3guy, perhaps we could splitted the story in different parallel universes, so the characters and plot will remain the same but the actors and sets ,and everything else can change, also, if we splitted in different scenes, being one or up to 3 scenes in the same universe everyone could be a part of the actual shoot :)
  • and at the climax the characters of all the differents universes, do the same in the same shots, that could be great, specially in the edit room, or perhaps, from one scene to the next the character is doing the same thing as the previous scene so we can know wich characters is wich... or perhaps one of the main characters is only a shadow and we never see who he/she/it really is
  • Some of my mucking about

    Two teasers for my short-ish film (coming december hopefully once some animation is done)

  • Far out, the Driftwood170 series certainly has proven to be worthy of some sort of recognition. Camera freaks and Cinema shooter will have a problem when you speak of the cost this camera. Yeah, its not a Red but then again I do not wear Oakley sunglasses. Outstanding people, I am happy to have been apart of this venture.
    More importantly, this effort, this group, with direction from Vitaliy and Driftwood show that a common idea can produce something cohesive and with beauty. I just wish that in my country, USA, people could work this close together. Right on...........
  • Count on me for the feature idea. It can be really great!
  • Brilliant reel, well done all contributors! You're amazing Driftwood. Thank you Vitaliy, just now donated (be nice to me :D), and now about to hack the GH2.
  • Very nice idea re: feature film.. It could be like a relay, teams executing their part of the script after watching the previous team effort. Perhaps a team that only does coverage?

    Perhaps bringing all together/tying it up in a collective shoot in the end, if possible.

    Having a clear concept for how to go about the actual shooting of the film would also make script-writing a lot more interesting - restraint is good for creativity! As can be seen in this thread, there are plenty of ideas already. :)

    How about a "competition" for a synopsis - whoever wins gets to write the script?

    Edit: This got me thinking about Palindromes, Coffee and cigarettes among other films.. Could be very nice!
  • i started this thread to discuss the feature, so we can discuss the reel made by driftwood here, we all know that Vitaliy would like that :)
  • @FGCU - I like that idea. Maybe cut the time to 30 seconds (or less)?

    Another idea would be a little more vague/artsy; everybody submits a video where the character has on the same mask (think Donnie Darko bunny, President Nixon mask, etc). Each cut would have the character appear in a whole new environment/set of circumstances.