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GH2 no longer re-focusing during filming on shutter half press. WTF?
  • Hi folks,

    This is weird. I fired up my GH2 today after not using it for a few months. Freshly charged battery.

    I don't remember having changed any settings, and I'm using my same C2 custom preset as always. For whatever reason, I cannot get the camera to let me refocus with the half-press shutter technique when I'm filming. It just doesn't work. If I hunt around with my finger I eventually end up pressing too hard and the camera stops filming.

    It's set to AF-s, with Shutter AF ON, and Half-press release OFF. (Maybe these are wrong?) I tried on both the 20mm pancake and the 14-42 kit lens.

    Anybody else run into this? Any idea what it might be?

    UPDATE! OK, I just messed around some more and found something even weirder! If I slightly move the camera body while half-pressing, then the autofocus works on half press. But if I hold the camera still (like on my monopod) it just won't refocus. I don't recall ever having this problem before. Sometimes the AF would hunt a bit when I would half-press refocus during filming, but it was at least responsive even when I held the camera still.

    Thanks in advance!