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[GH4 EVF Problem]GH4 EVF got red and no image
  • My GH4's EVF got red with some blue vertical lines and there is no image.

    Other functions are all OK!

    I toke a picture of the EVF and you can see the attached file.

    Anyone had ever seen the problem?

    I bought this GH4 from and I'm from China, So I can't send to Panasonic China for free.

    3264 x 2448 - 1M
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  • Yes, I posted about a month ago with the same issue. However mine was displaying a white screen. I contacted Panasonic and they said I had to send it to a 3rd party for repair under warranty but it would take about 3-4 weeks to fix. I didn't send it because I need to use my GH4s almost everyday.

    The funny thing is that only 5 days ago it started to work again suddenly - but not perfectly. Each time I turn the camera on the screen flashes for 1-2 seconds and makes a horrible mechanical sound and then the EVF works. I will still need to have it looked at one day because it's defiantly not working right.

    I feel like there is some kind of internal connection issue with the ribbon cable because I have never dropped or mistreated it in anyway.

  • Thanks for sharing your situations. I have contacted the seller(The seller is in Japan, but I'm in China) to help me request repairment from Panasonic. I just sent the package using EMS. Look forward to getting the repaired GH4.