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How to find out White Balance setting by Presets?
  • GH1 and GH2 have preset 1 and 2 for setting white balance. Is there any way to display the color temperature value when the preset 1 or 2 is set by the camera?

    If I know the color temperature value of ambient light, I could set LED lights like 312AS to similar color temperature.
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  • Hmmm. If I know the color temperature value of correctly configured preset 1 or 2, I could warm or cool it by switching to manual white balance and raising or lowering the base value... instead of using warm and cool cards.
  • Light meter.
  • That sounds expensive. But it might be the best solution.

    GH2 does fairly good job on the preset WB feature. But it doesn't display actual K value. It would have been nice if it displays the K value and lets user change the value.
  • @Hazna

    I no way light meter will display color temperature.
    Correctly measuring color temperature is not so easy as you can think. Especially with LEDs and Fluos.