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Samsung NX500 4K NX camera
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  • Wish they'd have some good deals on body only.

  • Thank you, Vitaliy, for catching the deal. I just ordered it. It's the perfect travel camera for me, and a great B camera to my NX1. I am not concerned about the rumors very much. With these two NX cameras I am all set for the next 3 years or so, and then we will see.

  • Hi Mark,

    Looks great. I assume you used the 16-50 S lens? I have nothing that shoots 4K, just my trusty old GH3. The $499 deal is still going on at BH and elsewhere. I'm heavily invested in u43 lenses at this point, and leery of the cost of the S lenses. How does the NX500 feel in hand with the 16-50 S?

  • Samsung NX500 Wi-Fi Only Body, $519

    Remember it is 160Mbit HEVC camera with 4K :-) And with AMOLED touchscreen.
    And with lenses costing 30-40% of Sony :-)

  • I'm interested of buying nx500. But i need a confirmation from nx500 owner, does it autofocuses as fast as sony a6000?

  • NX500 focuses better than a6000, but not as good as a6300. That's my opinion. But you will need a good light. In low light please use manual focus.

    Check online reviews.

  • Question for NX500 owners - Does the camera have focus peaking while shooting video with third party manual lenses? I know the NX1 does by clicking an icon on the touch screen. Is the NX500 the same?


    This allows to trim HEVC clips (without any other processing or reencoding).

    Question for NX500 owners - Does the camera have focus peaking while shooting video with third party manual lenses?


  • New firmware with small fix

    Fixes a Bluetooth connection problem with smartphones running Android 6.0

  • NX500 vs A6300 in DXOmark



  • Just want to offer my unsolicited two cents...

    Super quick background: I've shot on Panasonic, Canon, Sony, some Red, not a lot of high-end digital cameras. Old enough to shot a bunch on film (Super 8, Bolex, Aaton, 35mm, etc.), I took a leap based on Vitaliy's enthusiasm for the camera, got one with the kit lens for for $450 on Amazon.

    Maybe I'm crazy, but so far, and without the hack, this has been the BEST, almost seamless, experience I've had with a camera in a long time. The image, DR, and all that stuff is good, but honestly the past couple of years have almost been a golden era for filmmakers, because there are just so many cameras that produce a great image with minimal interference. But the ease of use with it is just so incredible, I felt compelled to post. I have had iphones, so no experience at all in Samsung interface. But if Android phones are even 1/10th of how easy it is to use this camera, I might switch. The LACK of submenus is insane! You find the settings you want, and relatively quickly, boom: I'm shooting.

    I know some people might assail it's shortcomings, (Image is not close to, say, a BMPCC) and there are mos def a few shortcomings, not the least of which is you are purchasing an "obsolete" camera. But I do commercial and non-profit shoots for a living, and I can't wait to bring this camera. Honestly it's so cheap for the quality, I'm about to buy one or two more for coverage, and not care about its "obsolescence".

    Literally the only reason I'm posting (other than to thank the people like Vasile, Otto, etc. who are still working on the camera hacks) is to tell more people to buy it. I might even buy the Panny GX85 for its IBS, but the NX500 is definitely in the kit to stay for the foreseeable future.

  • have somebody experience with nx to canon ef lens adapter?

  • @Amadeus5D2

    What kind of experience? As I know only passive adapters exist.

  • As there are passive adapters how "tricky" is the manually settings? Btw. I'm sooo excited about the video quality of the NX500.

  • @Amadeus5D2

    It depends on lens, if you use any manual lens, Samyang for example - al is ok.

    Many Canon EF lenses can not change aperture if mounted on passive adapter.

  • I have the kiwi ef to nx adapter. I use it with a smayang 85mm ef t1.5 lens. Since aperture is controled on the lens body there are no issues. This is how it would be with any EF lens with manual aperture.

    For other options these guys know:

  • Telephoto suggestion for the nx500? I have the 16-50s, the 50-150 is too expensive. That minolta looks interesting. Also looking for a link to a decent loop suited to the nx500.

  • @brianl

    You mean manual tele zoom?

  • Sure, manual is good. I saw the minolta vintage lens that Mike Linn posted.