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Insert SD card again error
  • I'm getting very often the "Insert SD card again" error on one of my GH2 camera. I tried ro format in camera several times with no luck. The card seems to work with other camera/reader and the camera seems to work with other SD cards. Sometimes it happens whn powering the camera with sd inside.

    Any suggestion?

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  • Most possible related to contacts. Card can be thinner or contacts on it can be old or oily. Same with camera part.

  • Hummm... Do you think is it safe to spray a contact cleaner (pure isopropyl alcohol) inside the GH2 on the contacts?

  • I wouldn't spray anything in the slot. Get a thin piece of uncoated cardboard. Trim to size. Dip in 99% iso alcohol. Insert the cardboard in and out several times. Allow to dry. Clean contacts on SD card.

    Optional: Make the SD card thicker by sticking a self stick label on the front of the card.