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FS: Iscomorphot 8/1,5X - Isco-Göttingen Anamorphic lens!
  • Hello guys!

    Up for sale this VERY RARE Iscomorphot 8/1,5X - Isco-Göttingen Anamorphic lens!

    The lens is quite old, regarding this, it is in very good condition. It doesn't have scratches, haze or fungus, it only has coating marks on the front and rear elements. It looks scrary on the photos, but it is only coating and not a deep scratch, sometimes this happens with coatings on 40-50 years old german lenses. I never ever noticed any quality loss.

    Since this is a very rare lens, the asking price is 1500 USD (I can accept EURO also). I am opened for offers too, so please PM me!

    I am in the European Union, between EU member countries there is not costum duty tax! I ship worldwide!

    I hope to be able to afford a GH4 after I sold this. :)

    All the best to you guys!

    771 x 871 - 440K
    1152 x 838 - 589K
    1158 x 899 - 637K
    864 x 829 - 422K