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Entry vs Semi-Pro DSLR
  • Hello. It is so much difference between semi-pro and entry DSLR ?. For example: nikon d5200 vs d7000, d5200 has better low light performance and more portrait color depth, price is almost same. So why is Semi-Pro ,,Semi-Pro´´?

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  • All of the D5200/D7100/D5300/D3300 have more or less the "same sensor" it appears. If you're going to do video, I absolutely suggest you pick one of those four. I use a D5200 myself.

    The differences mainly coming down to features, such as say having a weather proofed body, or an inbuilt focus motor, or more buttons on the body for direct access without needing to menu dial, or a top LCD panel, etc...

    The D5200 is out performing the D7000 due to the newer sensor generation it has over the D7000. But if you're a pro photographer, you might still pick the D7000 due to those extra features which I mentioned.

    btw, I am kinda expecting a D9300 and/or D7200 from Nikon this year based on the rumor mills.

  • Of course, a pro photographer might also consider the triple-digit or even ... gosh! ... the single-digit models by Nikon. Just a possibility ...

  • Pentax k30/k50 Weather sealed, in body stabilization, d7000 generation sony sensor. I know it doesn't have the top LCD and if video is a priority then don't even consider it but for stills - awesome.

    And Pentax glass.

    And there is a replacement lens mount ring available that allows mounting legacy Nikkor lenses without any type of adapter (as well as other bayonet mounts).