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Malviviendo, last episode of 3rd season (SPANISH)
  • Malvivendo is a free online series done by a group of friends.
    With this double episode we get to the end of the third season, maybe of the series. It has been an incredible adventure spanning some years and many hilarious moments. If any of you have had the opportunity of diving into Andalucia's culture (low culture, ha ha) you'll recognise, obviously exaggerated and with a satiric tone, many of the cultural and social references and values: drugs, partying, sex, cheating, stealing, deceiving, friendship, camaraderie, laziness, inventive solutions, loads and loads of humour and nonsense, racism, multiculturalism, whores, religious hypocrisy, homosexuality ambiguities, music, procrastination, etc. etc. I grew up there, so I'm at home. Unfortunately is spanish only with no subs.

    They also made a shorter series El viaje de Peter McDowell prot. by a british visiting south Spain and his adventures while getting acquaintance with its peculiarities.