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GH4 4K Panasonic video camera, User reviews and opinions
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  • @dannydale The screen dims slightly (25%) at 25 seconds, then to 50% at 30 seconds (still perfectly visible), then at one minute the display settings drop off completely. I am not sure if there is a menu setting that can extend the display settings further, I will report back if that is the case. ETA: This is just the behavior in standby, while recording the meter levels and recording time are persistent indefinitely.

  • Before I decide where I am buying a GH4, I'd like to know if the 30 minute limit is on GH4's purchased in NTSC countries (and running in PAL 25FPS mode)

    many thanks

  • @gib I will run a recording length test in PAL tonight if someone else doesn't beat me to it.

  • @Tron thanks for that...

  • @dannydale. It works as @Tron described but they did it that way to prevent burn in. Anytime you want to see the info, just push DSP button and the info appears on the screen. Check the details on pages 309-311 of the manual.

  • @dannydale After 1 minute, the audio meters, recording time, recording space, and exposure meters are the icons that stay on.

  • @Tron @Zaven13 @cinemasteve87 - thank you guys! Looks like I might be able to get one today... :)

  • Cinemasteve87 is correct, it appears that only in standby the display completely dims out at 1 minute. I'm running the PAL recording length test now and the exposure meter, remaining recording and recording time remain persistent at over 10 mins thus far, so they're likely to be available indefinitely. Will report back on PAL recording lengths for US versions in 19 more minutes.

  • @tron if there is the limit it displayed as a time remaining (on this card) if it says more then 29.59 means there is no limit. Thanks for this as I was asking about it 2 pages back.

  • @dannydale No recording limit in PAL on US models, I ran it up to 39 minutes shooting 25P without any issues. You are correct @konjow, it gives the full remaining time available on the card rather than a 29 minute countdown.

  • So where you can get a better IQ - in 4096 x 2160 or 3840 x 2160? Some comparison shots possible?

  • @tron, many thanks for running the 39 min test, it makes me want to get one from outside of the EU now

  • I could be wrong on this. However, I just got the GH4 to record in ETC mode with 1080p @ 60 FPS. The GH3 would only do ETC with 1080p @ 30 FPS. This was with the 200 mb/sec All-I mode. It works with IBP as well.

  • @mpgxsvcd. You are not wrong. I did the same test successfully. ETC with 1080p 60p 200-I. and FHD100-60p.

  • Posted this on DVX as well but.. got my GH4 and tested successfully with a Sandisk 128GB Class 10 45MB/s SD card. 4K/24P and 1080/60P/100 were all good. Haven't tested with 200 yet but probably won't use it anyway. BTW, I do find it odd that the 1/3 ISO settings are still located in the Photo menu. And also love that the custom settings save the shutter speed now too. It makes switching between 24P and 60P a snap!

  • Sure that many GH4 new owners still keep GH2 for their B cam. Any footages of both camera to compare with?

  • Zebra stripes make it SO much easier to deal with the ND fader. I need to expose a little further to the left, but it's a learning process. A quick first day test:

  • Does anyone know what the difference will be in recording 24p at 24 hz and 60 hz?

  • @aaronchicago - I don't think you can record true 24fps at 60hz on the GH4, you have to be in cinema mode, which is 48hz system frequency

  • Anyone tried the GH4 with an Atomos device yet? Does it send any Start / Stop triggers?

  • @mrbill You you can record 24fps at 60hz at all resolutions except C4K. You can only record C4K if you change the camera frequency to 24hz, which requires a restart.

  • True 24 or 23.9 etc etc?

  • @thetrickster - atomos didn't know during nab - they hadn't managed to get hold of a body at that stage, though no one saw a problem in implementing GH4 protocols

  • it would be nice if someone posts a raw photos to see if the gh4 files are compatibile with older software. I remember having problems using d800 files with photoshop and lightroom