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GF2 prefered shutter speed for video
  • Just to clear things up - I've read that in spite of 60\50 fps recording the sensor output in GF2 is only capable of 30\25 fps. So the "ideal" or so-called "cinematic" shutter speed for video would be 1\60 or 1\50 but not 1\120 or 1\100? Thanks in advance for your answers. It's just so confusing - why have they made 60\50 fps recording while in fact it's just doubling the initial framerate without actually having an option for 1\2 slow motion?

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  • I use a shutter speed of 40 on my gh2 and g6 when in 24p, I prefer the motion blur over 50 or 60. The advantage is It feeds the sensor more light, and appears a bit more reminiscent of 180 degree shutter when shooting film. With Canon, I use a shutter speed of 50 which looks the best to me on those cameras and for the same reason I use 40 on Panasonic cameras minus the light gain.

  • Thanks for your post maranfilms! I understand all this stuff about shutter speed basicly doubling the fps for natural motion blur. The main question is - whether to shoot with 1\50 or with 1\100 while filming 50 fps on camera, where the sensor output is only 25 fps... That's what confuses me.

  • If sensor captures it 25p then i think shutter should be 50 not 100.