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    Capitalism: Drone based delivery is extremely inefficient
    • Researchers from the Martin Luther Universitat in Halle-Wittenberg have run the calculations on urban and rural deliveries, comparing drones against diesel and electric vans, and made some surprising discoveries. Based on simulations run on Berlin and the surrounding areas, the researchers found that in dense urban areas, electric vans are by far the most energy-efficient delivery option. Diesel vans use around five times more energy in this situation, and drones use around 10 times as much .


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    Intel i225 2.5Gbit controller is defective
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      In reality it can't work with 2.5Gbit speed with most of the routers due to staggering internal error.

      Even more serous error had been made in upcoming 10 core CPUs, where PCIe 4.0 controller had such amount of design errors that it had been switched to PCIe 3.0.

      This also shows how closed testing made by cheapest Indian outsource firms can lead to horrible results.

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    Quote: On Wars
    • We all know the dictum of Clausewitz, one of the most famous writers on the philosophy and history of war, which says: “War is a continuation of policy by other means.”. This writer, whose basic views are now undoubtedly familiar to every thinking person, nearly eighty years ago challenged the ignorant man-in-the-street conception of war as being a thing apart from the policies of the governments and classes concerned, as being a simple attack that disturbs the peace, and is then followed by restoration of the peace thus disturbed, as much as to say: “They had a fight, then they made up!” This is a grossly ignorant view, one that was repudiated scores of years ago and is repudiated by any more or less careful analysis of any historical epoch of wars.

      Methods which Clausewitz wrote about eighty years ago when he ridiculed the very view some people are holding today, namely, that the nations lived in peace and then they started fighting. As if this were true! How can a war be accounted for without considering its bearing on the preceding policy of the given state, of the given system of states, the given classes? I repeat: this is a basic point which is constantly overlooked. Failure to understand it makes nine-tenths of all war discussions mere wrangling, so much verbiage. We say: if you have not studied the policies of both belligerent groups over a period of decades so as to avoid accidental factors and the quoting of random examples if you have not shown what bearing this war has on preceding policies, then you don’t understand what this war is all about.

      V. Lenin.

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    Windows 20 Concept
    • Problem of modern designers is that they have almost no idea on how to use screen space efficiently and use bevels and colors to separate content.

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    Good quote: The Unconquerable Inscription
    • During the First World War
      In a cell of the Italian prison in San-Carlo
      Chock-full of deserters, marauders, tramps,
      A socialist soldier, with an indelible pencil, scratched on the wall:

      “Long live Lenin!”

      Written high up, near the very ceiling
      of the half-dark cell,
      those words could be hardly distinguished.
      But the warders saw them
      and sent a painter into the cell,
      Armed with a brush and a bucket of whitewash
      to blot out the dangerous phrase

      But the painter just traced it over with whitewash
      And again it appeared on the wall
      this time not in pencil, but in chalk:

      “Long Live Lenin!”

      another painter came in and slapped whitewash all
      over the wall.

      The inscription, it seemed, had vanished. But then,
      the next morning
      the moisture dried up, and again it stood out
      through the chalk:

      “Long Live Lenin!”

      Now the warders come in with a stonemason
      holding a scraper.
      For a whole hour, he scraped off letter after letter,
      yet when he had finished, again it shone in the cell,
      cut in stone, the unconquerable inscription:

      “Long Live Lenin!”
      “Now, you can knock down the wall if you like,”
      Said the soldier.

      Bertolt Brecht

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    Most actual birthday: 150 years since the birth of Vladimir Lenin
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      It is symbolic that working class celebrate 150th anniversary actively reading his works and asking smart questions, questions that directly relate to their hard life.

      Capitalism locked people in their flats and homes, shaking from fear and uncertainly.
      Capitalism produces tens of millions of new enemployed each week.
      Capitalists and their management - goverments, now fear people as never before.

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