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EU: Insects will become major food, especially outside elite circles
  • Worms, grasshoppers and crickets in the future should play an important role in providing society with food, said the Prime Minister of Baden-Württemberg (Germany) Winfried Kretschmann. The German newspaper Badische Zeitung writes about this on January 24.

    Kretschmann believes that eating insects will be absolutely essential. “This will play an important role in ensuring the nutrition of humanity in the future,” the politician believes. It's a "smart way" to get protein that makes ecological sense, he says.

    The politician believes that the first step should be the production of animal feed from insects. However, Kretschmann warns that in Europe, the path to eating insects will have to overcome high cultural barriers that should not be underestimated.

    Kretschmann said that he himself had already tasted insects, he could not remember exactly which insects he ate. The politician noted that he did not remember much taste, but he was not bad.

    Badische Zeitung reminds that from January 24, it is allowed to eat crickets in Germany. A new EU law will soon come into force that will allow crickets to be frozen, dried or used as a powder. Grain beetle larvae will also be allowed to be eaten. Locust and flour beetle larvae can already be eaten.

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  • Will have to eat our own foot to survive at some point.

  • @Sulph

    Will have to eat our own foot to survive at some point.

    This is not necessary as the body will "eat" it's own muscle mass as a last resort to stay alive. You don't need to put it into your mouth.

  • Of corse it does, it adds to the drama !!! , then your fingers and someone’s dead fingers.

    Cannibalism will be at the order of the day, new cults will be formed eith technology adored as a god like super powered ai ruling over a technocratic world pounding over you with force the new model of control.

    There will be no political class ai eats all.

  • @endotoxic we already live in a society ruled by an AI like automata, thats called capitalism. Its even more sophisticated than any software on the market right now. No need to wait, just crush it.

  • Also, cheer the Finns :)

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