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Edelkrone FocusPLUS+ Follow Focus
  • Edelkrone came out with a new Follow focus for rails that has a thumb dip for on the fly focusing while still holding onto the handles! Looks solid and a real solution for shoulder rig users.

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  • This looks great. I own the FocusOne Pro which is excellent, and this looks even more versatile. Probably couldn't justify owning both, but wow!

  • Wow, this guys gears and rigs are on a whole different level. That thing looks good.

  • The engineering is well conceived... these Turks really have their shit together. I picked up a pocket rig earlier this year for run-n-gun stuff and so far it is holding up great, worth every penny. Considering picking up one of their shoulder rigs now.

  • Damn!! I knew there were some guys in LA that tried to get something like this going. I saw them on Kickstarter or IndieGogo. Looks like they were beat to the punch!

  • $639...tempting but still a little expensive for my pocket right now.

  • This is not different level. This is that I call overdesigned stuff.

  • I can fit the tip of my finger in the circles that are cutout on my gini rigs follow focus.

  • Yeah, that's really cool. I haven't seen many "gotta haves" recently. I may gotta have this...

  • Good grief - "overdesigned stuff" is right! And add in "over-priced" and "over-the-top". The DSLR/Video hall at the recent Photokina absolutely reeked of this kind of fetishistic nonsense. Put together a sturdy, sensible rig from the offerings on this forum and spend the rest on something important, like glass.

  • Anyone know a comparable product to this with the follow focus on the handle? I believe Redrock has something similar with their fingerwheel. I like the concept of this, but not the price!