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Lanparte Carbon Mattebox
  • Has anyone seen the new Lanparte Mattebox? I think it's new, I've not seen it until now.

    I'm looking for a good MB that is compatible with 4mm thick filters, and this might be just what's needed. Nice updates compared to the older mattebox, dual 360 degree rotation and filter holders that are both 4x4 and 4x5.65. Lanparte's possibly only weak point was their mattebox, they might have just changed that.

    It's probably worth asking Lanparte a few questions but could be a mighty fine option on the face of it.

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  • Yes, but price will be not small. Quite bigger than even Tilta. I think in $640-670 range

    I talked with them.

  • That's not totally unreasonable if you consider the features. You think it is not worth the price compared to tilta? Still cheaper than shoot35 and supports 4x5.65 filters.

  • @arknox

    It depends on your tasks.

  • The swing away portion still looks the same as the Pro MB in the deals section and Redstar, among others. I can't zoom in to be sure but the parts look the same. Actually, a few parts look the same now that I take a closer look. The main MB portion looks like all the knockoffs of Redrocks version. I'd love to get a closer look.

  • @vicharris


    Less emotions, more facts.

  • Am I getting the hang of it now VK? :-)

  • I´ll buy it if you make it available on the deals section! Already have the lanparte rig but I´ve been holding out on buying the tilta MB because of the lack of unity. ;) (I want a MB with no compromises)

    Great that they have stepped over to universal donuts instead of the foam solutions.. I hope the filter holders are fully functional now!

    I´d also be happy if Lanparte updated their power supply unit / battery pinch. (lockable connections e.t.c.)

  • One flaw That I see with the design is that you wont be able to slid the matte box passed the end of the rods. You can see it in the drawing. It has to be fixed at the end of the rods. It's the same with the red rock micro that I have. That is very annoying.

  • There's that and also the size. I use Nikon primes mostly and the size of this MB is overkill for that. Seems very hard to find a mattebox at a decent price that is a reasonable size, has 360 degree rotating filter holders and supports standard 4mm filters. If TrusMT could just change their filter holder design to accommodate 4mm filters they'd have my money.

  • @arknox well, that´s a gap in the market then for manufacturers to consider. You can hardly blame the Lanparte for being too big. For me, it´s all good since I might want to use it together with a DP Rouge, a Compact Prime or some Canon FD´s depending on the situation (and with an array of cameras to add to that). If I want to go stealth / slim I don´t use a MB, quite simply. (there are fader ND´s, hoods e.t.c. for that)

    And for the edge of rods issue; well, you can always displace the alignment to the main rods with a riser.

  • @RRRR - Definitely for stealth I would go with a Heliopan Variable ND. Unfortunately I don't have access to big lenses like Compact Primes, so for the foreseeable future I don't need such a wide mattebox. I may just have to live with the size though as it would be nice to have the option of 4x5.65 filters.

  • @rumi That's incorrect. It's the exact same design as the Pro MB, Redstar and Redrock. You can slide the main MB portion up and it clears the rods. Mine always sits right above my rods but my camera sits pretty high so I have that option.

  • I see that Proaim now has a carbon fiber matte box and it is a LOT cheaper than the Lanparte offering. Is it a new product because I'm having a hard time finding any reviews on it. I'm well aware that Proaim has some issues with quality with some of their gear but how are their matte boxes? I would love to pick up the Lanparte Carbon Fiber MB but I'm not shooting professionally and so can't really justify the price. Does anyone here have any experience with the Proaim carbon fiber mattebox?

    It seems at the lower price end, the biggest issue is with the filter trays being poorly made (plastic) in all the matteboxes out there from Cinematics to Trusmt and even Lanparte. Does anyone know if metal filter trays in 4x4 size are available separately anywhere and will they fit in other manufacturers matte boxes?

  • @mythmaker

    I think you picked wrong topic.

    Proaim usually brend indian cheap and low quality things.

    Plus things in your post contradict with each other. As I do not see any full metal filter stages on anything but top professional matte boxes.

  • @vitaliy

    Yeah, probably should have started a new topic under "Carbon fiber matter boxes". As for metal filter stages, the Lanparte CF matte box has metal stages as does the $300 Proaim CF matte box I posted about (I messaged them and asked). I was hoping for an opinion from someone who has used the Proaim MB as to its build quality.