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WinRewrap - Batch ReWrap MTS to MP4/MOV .
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  • @fatpig yeah that seems to be the working solution. Just another step to do i guess. I have narrowed it down to being the deshaker v3.0 plugin because it runs analysis pass fine on 1080 footage without deshaker.

    Dropped in via vdrop and @kankala other suggestions.

  • @MikhailK

    I have changed it on request after v0.1 so it does not re encode to aac, but if the feature is needed I can implement it optionally in v0.3 in the next few days. I am planning to do some work on the source code anyways.

    By The way, on windows, the MTS native files run without a problem in AE CS6. :)

  • @fatpig,

    Thanks for the reply. Yes, I need AAC very much. BTW on Adobe forums I noticed the same problem with AE CS6 - some people have this problem with AC3 and some don't!

  • Are you sure you have an AC3 decoder installed? ;)

    Maybe you did not notice, but I already uploaded version 0.3 - test away :) , feel free to post it on the adobe forums and if you do, pm me the link :)

  • @fatpig

    Sure, I do have an AC3 decoder installed :-) I can play files with an AC3 decoder in any software. But I face this problem with AAE CS6 only. Of course, I noticed your ver. 0.3 and I'll test it away tonight for sure. Thank you very much!

    BTW, I forgot to tell you that Premiere Pro CS6 has the same problem (it doesn't import an AC3 audio or we should say - it doesn't see an audio with an AC3 codec). There was some update from Adobe but some people say it worked fine then and some don't.

    As for the links where I noticed the problem with AC3 in the CS6 package, here are some of them:

  • Ah well, after effects seems to have some decoders of its own... Quicktime, I suppose. Well, hope you are lucky with the AAC Audio. :)

  • @fatpig

    Well... what can I say!?

    Fatpig (sorry, I don't know your real name), I've just tested your ver. 0.3 and AAE CS6 has opened its capabilities to me, taking into account this PREVIOUS AC3 audio problem :-)

    Everything's fucking working right now!

    Thank you VERY much!

    In case you have some "donation" link, I'd like to donate some amount.

  • Very happy to hear that :) Gotta love those success stories. Indeed, I do have a button. It is on my Homepage- I edited it into the first post. :)

  • In Russia, we're the men of a word. You've just got €50.00.

  • Add a cancel button. In testing, I selected a folder, hoping to convert one file, but it was converting the whole thing. about 50 clips. couldn't stop it.

    Also is there a way to select NO AUDIO in the rewrap?

  • @MikhailK: Thank you very much, dont hesitate if you have a request in the future ;)

    @disneytoy: just added it to my to do list. meanwhile, you can rightclick the tray icon and click "Exit". That should do the job :)

    As to no audio: It is possible. What would you use it for?

  • @disneytoy,

    In case you have some demux or remux needs, you can use "tsMuxeR GUI 1.10.6". This program was developed by one of russian companies. It works perfectly with MTS and M2TS files. Sometimes it works with MOV as well...

  • NO AUDIO OPTION. I shoot a lot of stock footage. For example smoke rising. The built in speaker picks up a lot of talking, misc noise. When bringing footage into AE or Premiere, the audio is annoying. If we are rewrapping the MTS anyway, blanking out the audio would be helpful. Look at any of Philip Bloom's videos. He only has a music track. So any captured audio has to be removed or muted. Thanks!

  • @disneytoy

    As I previously wrote, it is very easy to solve your problem with tsMuxeR GUI 1.10.6 (freeware). When you add some MTS file into this program, you can set the output to M2TS or TS container and UNCHECK the audio. Then you gotta "start muxing". Your file WILL NOT be converted. It'll be rewraped/remuxed. AE and Premiere will eat this M2TS for sure. Trust me, I've been using this tool for years and I'm very happy with its abilities.

    Here's the direct page for downloading this tool:

  • MikhailK is right, but I will still be looking to implement this in the next update :)

  • This greate utilite ! but! MTS File from my AF100 have PCM Audio stream/ if I unselect "Audio to AAC", I have Error and 0Kb MOV file. Do you have help in my cause ? thank you!

  • Thanks MikhailK, I will try it. But my main interest in rewrapping is neither DaVinci Resolve nor Speedgrade will load MTS. An easy way to get a .MOV will open up high end color grading options.

    I don't mind doing these things manually, but if you have 50 clips of smoke, and 50 clips of Orchids, to be able to batch these files makes sense.

  • @Yuri_Teplo If you can provide a short test file (upload it to and om me the link, I will look into it for version 0.4

    @disneytoy I get it, except I always just press the mute button on the audio track, it does not really bother me. Implementing this feature should be no problem anyways.

  • There seems to be a problem with Big endian PCM Audio like that of the AF100. I have Added a PCM encoding option, which should do the job for you. :) ReWrapping of the Audio stream is a problem with ffmbc as of now.

    Check OP.

  • Good work! .MTS->.MOV now Work in Davinci(Lite9)!My Avid MediaComposer(6.5) via AMA error and shutdown with this files,but not so big problem for me.Test further. Great!

  • Yes we had problems with AMA, too. maybe try to update your QuickTime version, because the rewrapped files are not handled by the AMA AVCHD plugin anymore.

  • important note added to OP. You dont have to copy it to project folder. just turn up Windows User Account Control to always notify and it will work! :)

  • Excellent little piece of coding Felix! Donated 15 Euro!

    When I rewrap 1080 24p files I only get a small non-playable .mov with the same name as .mts. Great! Takes very little extra space and the .mts works like a charm with sound in PP CS6.

    Update It seems I get this result (small .mov) only with some old GOP3 "kae" 24p clips, but not with stock 24p long GOP clips (big .mov - playable) - gonna try some more!

    On the other hand with 720 50p .mts files I get a playable .mov with almost the same file size.

  • hi oscillian! thanks! the desired result is a file which replaces your mts files. it should be about the same size because it has the same video stream, and optionally a new audio stream.

    if you encounter files which produce weird results (like very small mov, non playable) I would be very happy if you provided test files to me so I can check whats wrong :)