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Official Panasonic GH3 topic, series 2
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  • still seems to have some artefacts in the image. Not the nice clean film grain from GH2 + Canis Majoris Night.

  • People please!!! don't be so ridicule to make comparisons between GH2 and GH3.

    GH2 is a hacked mature camera. It is Still developing amazing patches for the best of uses. GH3 is not even a finished product. We cant make proper judgment only by seeing youtube stupid quality videos.

    GH3 will be better than GH2 all around, but don't expect wonders from it. It sure is better than GH2 in alot of ways.

    GH2 was a camera based on a sensor, build up from there.

    GH3 is a camera based on its functions and body, and later the sensor.

    They WILL be different, being GH3 better all around for our work, maybe it will never have the IQ of GH2, so what? its better than the majority of DSLR. Wait for the hack it will come, and you will be amazed from the things this new hardware can make.

  • Damnit!!!! seem like pre production model handles quiet diferent the light. For my eyes it seem that the DR is the same, but its applied diferently. Color wise its not that acurate (but cant be taken seriously, is pre production).

    The thing i notice the most diference was the sharpness in fotos, but again it was resised, so....hmmm it look better than GH2 images. Better low light for me its enough that hey have get rid of that Fixed pattern noise for a good performance.

  • yah more tests at different settings with different lenses.

    Its better to not test anything at all then do it poorly. Panasonic really needs to vette who they give these cameras to.

  • GH3 seems to have better noise, but still waiting for similar lens settings and sample size

  • dont forget the gh2 is nearly 50% the price of the gh3...massive price jump, when you stop for a moment to consider the improvements, which will be hardly noticeable for web delivery or theatre apps - this new version wont make anyone a better filmmaker. focus on content. i shot a short with the v9b hack, heavily graded the result before uprezzing for projection in a small theatre. the results were very, very impressive for a $700 unit.

  • @onionbrain

    1) the shots are indeed straight from the camera. Settings can be shit though. 2) what do you mean by: "factor in the additional light loss for MFT"? 3) 50mbps in mov container seems to yield the best video results so far from the gh3.

  • Voldemort has new insight about camera tweaks. Seems to be a good advance in new firmware. take a look.

  • endotoxic: just to let you know, anyone bullying by name calling gets no respect from me. It's a person you are talking about.

  • @duckpark

    Then there are a lot of very smart people you just put on your ignore list.

  • "I noticed a dummy menu was now present containing around 3 or 4 manual focus assists. As the text on these menu options simply stated ‘dummy’ I have no idea exactly what Panasonic have in mind for these – but it raises the possibility that peaking might be one of them? I hope so."

    Peaking would be awesome... would also be cool if they implemented electronic follow focus by USB or TRS remote ;)

  • Another video.
    Nothing new but the clips showed are the ones from the zoo. and the dancing womans, (from a other angel)

  • Haven't read the whoooole thread, but I've seen a lot of crazy reactions. If moiré is indeed there I'll be very disappointed, there's no excuse to take any step backwards. Everything should be improved from the GH2.

    But I believe what we've been seeing as moiré could actually be electronic correction of lens distortion and chromatic aberration. So it doesn't worry me because I want to use only manual lenses that don't have an electronic coupling. And that's the case of "Genesis": no electronic lens was used, so that's maybe why there's no moiré present there. So that's a bit of a relief.

    Still, the GH2 rocks!

  • Nice...promising...

  • How many people have had there hands on the gh3, and not one is even trying to do a proper video?, i dont get it?

  • @Kristo_Ketis the trusted review footage looks more like it :)

  • @mpgxsvcd

    "Then there are a lot of very smart people you just put on your ignore list."

    Yes...and that's what makes it even more disappointing and unnecessary.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev I think that I know better than the manufacturer? Yeah. It's obvious that Panasonic got caught by surprise and with the GH3 (twice the money of the GH2 for basically the same camera) are trying to make more money (twice the money). But I have zero confidence in the manufacturers (all) when it comes about money to take from us: the oldest example in the digital era came from Canon (the 300D with intentional restrictions -from the same 10D code- revealed by the hack. The D2X with the intentionally hidden WB to bother adobe , the shutter button of the 20D,30D,40D,50D .. all a joke and they keep using the same component (it's $200 to fix, so it's money because it will come apart when the cameras will be out of warranty) , the D70 with the faulty reader (again $200 to fix) , lenses with the same problem over and over (and again money to fix them: one example out of many the canon 50 1.4 and the AF that comes apart because of some stupid piece of plastic): all little things they use to make money. This GH3 gives the same stuff of the GH2 but it's twice the money. I am on the other side, so ... I feel that I can say what I think, no?

  • The trusted reviews footage is clean as hell with no signs of banding or aliasing with the 14-140 lens. I'm really liking the codec implementation, a flat or log profile would be icing on the cake if available at launch.

    @village_west You let emotion dictate your logic about simple things. This camera has more features than any other video-centric camera on the market - in fact many more than the GH2. If you expected the upgrades for free or for the same price as a 2 year old camera, you are showing the world how naive you are. I am really looking forward to the time lapse feature, time code and the wifi remote. This cam is pocket change for those who are serious about shooting quality video and understand the value of these features.

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