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Official Nikon D600 and D610 topic
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  • The youtube video is very nice, except that with the youtube compression you cannot know at least about sharpness and detail. Because in terms of dynamic range it seems very very good. Sad that Nikon does not give us some log profile and 10 bit, because the footage are very cinematic.

  • uncompressed video capture via hdmi is good news, but i still can't find any details about the encoding rate to internal memory cards, something nikon never seems to brag about, for sure...

  • That's nice. I wonder if the aliasing problems are the same as in the D800? I think I saw some in the truck in the shot where they're in front of the bonfire, but maybe it's the old pranky YouTube showing me what isn't there.

  • @LPowell That's a valid concern. Easy to forget when we're used to GH cameras. I really think Nikon must adress this. At least D600 have the clean HDMI, so proper exposure is easier with a external monitor/evf tools.

    What I'm most interested in at this point is the actual IQ performance of this camera, especially at higher ISO levels. I'm curious to see how it compares to the Sony A99.

  • Still no real-time histogram in Live View mode? I have a Nikon D5100, and though it produces gorgeous still photos, the lack of a histogram display forces me to rely on the camera's light meter to set exposure. That in turn makes auto-ISO Aperture Priority mode the most practical way to shoot stills, with the camera setting exposure by adjusting ISO as needed. For the shutter, I preset minimum and maximum speeds, which the camera respects so long as it can set exposure correctly within the selected shutter speed range.

    Without a histogram to track exposure levels, it's hit-or-miss using the D5100 in Live View manual-exposure mode, and unless there's something I missed, the D600 will share that limitation. Although I've found the D5100's semi-manual Aperture Priority mode to be quite adaptable to shooting video, I expect D600 users who are accustomed to setting exposure manually will dislike relying on Nikon's auto-ISO features in video mode.

  • @Vitaliy,

    I was looking at the D600 in relation to the Nikon D7000 that I have now and want to replace. I know that there are many more features and technology improvements that the D600 has over my D7000.

    However, when looking over every feature mentioned in the brochure and other literature you and others have linked to, Those features I listed previously were the only major things I saw to make me consider this camera over my D7000. They were not enough to make me buy it and sell my d7000.

    I am pretty sure the GH3 will.

    I originally started this thread because I thought a full frame DSLR for video would be great, until I used my friend's Canon 5DmkII. I wasn't really looking at the image quality of the 5DmkII as much but the depth of field. I thought It was too shallow until about f5.6/8. It looked great!! for stills, for video at night not so much.

  • @bleach551

    Nope, it have some of common firmware, but from hardware side it looks like Sony camera.

  • Basically its a full frame d7000 with a DX mode with a 60p frame rate in 720p.

    According to Digital Photography review, the DX crop mode is 10.5MP.

  • At first it looks like A99 (I am almost sure that LSI, and not only sensor, are the same). Yust much less suitable for video shooting due to no EVF.

  • Announcment happened. First post will be updated from time to time.

  • @last_SHIFT

    Yes, hopefully in a few hours a more final and complete spec sheet will tell us a lot more about the D600.

  • Very curious about video performance here. I am quite happy with the D800 codec. I would imagine similar quality with the D600, with perhaps better moire/aliasing control - not that it has been a huge problem with my D800 so far.Also looking forward to seeing video quality in DX mode. Well guess we will find out in an hour or two.


    Yes the D800 crops a little bit of the frame.

  • According to the specs of the D600, the D600 uses the entire width of the sensor for video. I believe that the D800 uses only %95 or so of the width of its sensor, about a crop factor of 1.1X.

    "The Nikon D600 can capture Full HD (1080p; 1,920 x 1,080 pixel) video at either 24, 25 or 30 frames per. For 720p (1,280 x 720 pixel) video, a rate of 60 frames per second is possible. Video can either be shot using data from pixels across the entire width of the image sensor in FX mode, or with a 1.5x (DX-format) focal length crop, taking data from the center of the imager, without affecting the video resolution."


  • @danyyyel

    I forgot about that! Thanks for reminding me. I think the gh3 is what I will probably be more interested in. I had the Canon 7D but went to the Panasonic GH1 because of the superior video image quality with the hacks. I now have a Nikon D7000.

    The reason for going to the D7000 was, although the Gh1 was superior in image quality, I just couldn't get use to the small form factor or the plasticky feel of it after coming from a larger magnesium alloy body, the 7D.

    However, If the gh3 will really be similar in size to a 7D or D7000, with a metal alloy body, AVCHD 2.0(1080 60P) , and without the moire and to a less extent aliasing, with a better or significant improvement in video image quality, it would everything I would have wanted.

  • I for one believe that nikon, at the moment, have the best internal video codec of all dslr's on the marked. Hopefully the d600 become just as great as the d800 , both in fx and dx format. The fine grain structure and the almost non existing mud in the deep shadows is really great at such low bit rate . Would love to have that codec in the gh2.

    The 422 hdmi dump actually puts the d800 in another league, regard professional HD production. But if you don't have to much action in front of your lens, than you really don't need the 10x extra data IMHO. A d600, around 2000 bucks, may be a must have. They f@$& up the D4, but Nikon is defiantly in the game by now, so who knows.

  • Read a bit more, it is said that the msrp of the d800 was more like $ 3700 when it came out in Japan, so you can expect that the price in the US will be a bit lower. You cannot compare US price to Japan price. Some putting it more like $ 2000 in the US.

  • According to, the price of the D600 is $2700. The D800 is $2999 so I guess the D600, being "Entry" level, made it only $299 cheaper?

  • @Brian202020

    I'm interested to see how the codec on the D600 performs. Even if Sony makes the sensors, Nikon engineers are brilliant at tweaking it to their needs.

  • I'd love the inside story on how Sony sensors came to be in every future camera.

  • I've been super impressed with the stuff I've shot with the D800 via external recorders and less impressed with the D4 stuff. I wonder if Sony makes the D600 sensor like Sony makes the D800 sensor?

  • Yes , Clean HDMI out just like its big brothers D4/800.

  • @Vitaliy

    Clean HDMI out? is that correct?

  • Specs in top post updated.