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HD video link?
  • I would like to use some HD video link from my multicopters for some live events coverage. This link should be small and lightweight as much as possible and not to cost a fortune. Do you have some suggestions?

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  • Thanks. Email sent.

  • @gizmo - thanks!

    If you email me info at paralinx dot net we can discuss how to improve range on our device. We are talking about making a Heli specific device, but part of our constraints are FCC certification in the USA. \ Where are you located? We are the first Camera Specific device of our kind on the market, and I've spent a lot of time making the ARROW as good as possible, while maintaining FCC compliance.

  • @bannedindv - nice to found you here :) Could you please send me some more specifications, size, weight... I read that range is 320' but this is in ideal conditions. Do you have some range measurements from real life usage? This combo seems like it could be very well used for close aerial coverage but I have to be sure that signal is clear in the range of at least 100m. Is it possible to extend the range with some external antennas?

  • As one of the Paralinx founders, I agree with Vitaliy - it's the old triangle of small, cheap, range.

    We consider our unit cheap for what it can do, but not as cheap as some of the consumer units out there.

    Please let me know if there are any questions I can answer about our product for you.

  • If you want big range, it won't be cheap and it won't be small.

  • I have already searched for WHDI but all of those mentioned are small range. Only one I've found with decent range (200-300') and acceptable price is

  • I think we had almost same question not long time ago, search for WHDI on this forum