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Benro, new 2012 lineup, amazing, light video tripods and fluid heads
  • This family of tripods is made to close significant gap in video tripod offers.
    As we either had cheap plastic heads on very bad legs with good weight, or full fledged video tripods with big metal heads. Both of them are not best company to your small camera if you are travelling or like to walk a lot.

    Send me personal message (on the left column at ) if you want to purchase it.

    Benro Video Tripod AF2




    Price: $205
    Shipping: Includes fast express shipping for US/Canada/UK/Australia&NZ/Western Europe. Contact me for any other regions. Packing: Very good padded bag for tripod and good packing.

    Benro Video Tripods AF4 and CF4





    Price: $380 (Alu) and $530 (Carbon)
    Shipping: Includes fast express shipping for US/Canada/UK/Australia&NZ/Western Europe.Contact me for any other regions.
    Packing: Very good padded bag for tripod and good packing.

    Benro Video Tripods AF6 and CF6





    Head looks good, with such light package it has counterbalance adjustment.

    Price: $545 (Alu) and $680 (Carbon)
    Shipping: Includes fast express shipping for US/Canada/UK/Australia&NZ/Western Europe. Contact me for any other regions.
    Packing: Very good padded bag for tripod and good packing.

    Separate video heads, S2, S4, S6

    See all data above.

    Price: $115 (S2), $175 (S4), $240 (S6)
    Shipping: Includes fast express shipping for US/Canada/UK/Australia&NZ/Western Europe. Contact me for any other regions.
    Packing: Usual.

    Very good package if you are tired by big video tripod.

    It has levelling base, so you can have advantage of ball type tripods on such light package.

    Fluid heads are also video oriented. And it is really light.

    All tripods come with good padded bag.

    Send me personal message (on the left column at ) if you want to purchase it.

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  • I have a manfrotto 200pl system, and for 6 months I have been using a peak design capture pro plate with arca swiss and 200PL compatibility.

  • @Adam_Mercier

    What quick release are you using to attach the camera to the tripod's QR plate in the last two pictures above?

  • @yskunto, I still have the same kit, did not have any real need to upgrade yet as its a great kit for my uses, and most of the time I can take it on the plane as an accessory instead of a laptop case or such. My next buy may be a small photo tripod will cheap ball head for when I'm self filming in MTB

  • @Adam_Mercier have you finally got the Benro Aero? Where to buy it in Europe?

  • Semi-long term review of the benro gear : some stuff get better with time

    I have been using my benro AF15 kit with aluminium legs and S2 head for some months now, and I really like the quality. I feel like the panning smoothness has improved with time. Having a leveling ball head is amazing, it saves so much time when setting up shots! Also it is a must to use a small slider and adjust horizontal very easy. image

    I however changed the S2 head for a S4 as my main head and only use the S2 on a monopod. The S4 has counter-balance and overall is slightly smoother than the S2. I did not like that the S2 has no counter balance, seemed dangerous to me with heavy setups! My only complain would be that the S4 head has a filsmsy plastic quick plate lock button while the S2 has a metal anodised one.. Also benro labels and serial numbers and such are not very high quality and tend to unglue.

    The af15 are still very good sturdy legs even for the heavier S4 head, they take the load no problem. They also spread out very wide for stability. My only complain on the legs would be that the center collum keeps from going lower than about 40cm.

    The counter- balance on the S4 head is well suited to a bigger m43 camera with heavy lenses, I use it mostly with a GH3/4 and samyang glass on a speed booster. With this kind of setup, the counterbalance keep the setup from falling to fast and with shock, and will stay level if you keep +/- 30 degrees from horizontal. With lightweigh m43 glass it will self level within +/- 20 deg. image image

    I was thinking about getting a aero 4 because of airplane restrictions but when using decent companies it has been a non issue. Overall there is a very good long lasting quality feel to this thing. I think I may not need another video tripod anytime soon!

    1873 x 2314 - 867K
    1920 x 2560 - 834K
    1336 x 2000 - 559K
  • Benro AF2 review : Very nice ligthweigth tripod, feels high quality, very efficient to setup thanks to leveling ball and 3 position legs. Feels way sturdy enougth for a medium rig like GH4 and samyangs or similar. The head is smooth but there is no way to tweak friction. There is also no return springs... The tripod comes in a very nice bag, same quality as 500$ manfrotto bags! My only grief would be that the folded tripod is a bit long for traveling (won't fit in a carry on case...) and also the head is not smooth enougth for slow pans.

    Video shot with it and my G6/samyangs :

    For now happy about my purchase, maybe the aero 4 will be my next tripod...

    2560 x 1920 - 1M
  • Benro H8 head review

  • Hmm. It looks like they are now offering the A2573F tripod with the S6 head too. The A3573FS6 kit I bought & which I am still using btw. was the original one. BUT: The A2573F tripod is also (more than) stable enough to hold the S6 head and your rig / camera (as it´s also specified for way higher loads than the S6 head itself - like the A3573F). So if it´s the cheapest kit with the S6 head (from a good / well known dealer) you´ve found - Just get it and be happy with it (because the S6 head is the important feature) ^^.

    The Benro monopods with the blue feets are nice btw. - But don´t expect to add too much load or a bigger rig to them, because they are maybe getting uncomfortable (and it´s just too unsafe - It would be at least for me). They are more designed for a single camera & quick and dirty repositioning / shooting (and for this purpose it´s perfect yes). The best way is for sure: Get the A2573FS6 kit first - And then try out the S6 head on a monopod to see if you like it (the S6 head is very nice - but also quite heavy and big - so maybe not the perfect head for a monopod). You can also test out a "normal" monopod (if there´s no bigger dealer with the benros at your location) - Just remember: The feets of the Benro monopods are adding stability and the ballhead at the bottom is there, to move it more freely. Oh. AND also be aware: A leveling base (the benro for example) is maybe a necessary feature for the monopod too - Otherwise the system is maybe too unflexible for video shots (especially at locations with limmited space).

    Hmm. All in all I think a monopod is a quite expensive add on (incl. leveling base) which is not the perfect solution to shoot very fluidly (because it´s already hard to do this with a normal tripod). It´s more kind of a compromise if you´re shooting always or at least very often at places with VERY limmited space. And I also don´t think that the S6 head is the perfect head for a monopod - I think you need something more compact. Btw.: I am talking about it as an "add on" because you always need a good standard tripod first (aka at least the A2573F or A3573F). I am for example just carrying around the A3573FS6 kit all the time (if I want to shoot fluid video and stay on one place longer). It´s by far not too heavy - Especially compared to other video tripod systems (with double rods and speaders). And for quick and dirty shooting (at locations with VERY limmited space) I use a Cullman Cruiser shoulder support / mini tripod system with the camera only and a optical stabilized lens (check it out - it´s maybe better than the monopod solution - It´s cheaper, smaller, not THAT visible for other people and you can carry it with you ALL THE TIME if you want to ...).

    Hope that helps. Sorry for the long text btw. But I am always mentioning everything (like in my videos) ^^.

    Lg, Tscheckoff

  • @tscheckoff you mentioned the A3573FS6 in the post above but I can't find anybody in the USA who sells that model. B&H for instance carries an A2573FS6:

    Is the B&H model a lower grade than the one you have?

    Another question I have would the S6 head work well on one of the new Benro monopods with the blue feet?

  • Hey. You´ve found my review ^^.

    Btw.: (Additional information) I kept the A3573FS6 kit as my main tripod kit for now. It is still VERY nice to use, very flexible and a VERY GOOD option / choice at this low price point. Just need a geared head now (to take advantage of the leveling base for stills ...).

  • @labalbi It was the head from the Benro S2, but it was to hard to work with, especiallt tilting was not smooth enough.

    I replaced it with the Velbon PH-368 and used that combo for some time with good results. The Velbon is one of the better budget fluid heads.

    Later on I got the 561 BHDV-1 and wow, what a change in quality! I love the 701 head that comes with it and the extra height of the 561 have saved many shots. Wonderful tool!

    Like people have said over and over again: invest in good support from the start. It will be with you for much longer than the cameras. If I would do this again, I would have saved up and got the 561 from the beginning.

  • @oscillian ...which specific head did you put in your 560b ? I have this same monopod . Today I am using a manfrotto 391rc2 head with my GH3 . I want to upgrade ...

  • @saltherring

    Why not? It must mount on any flat tripod base.

  • @oscillian wonder if the Benro fluid head would mount onto some Manfrotto 190XB legs?

  • @oscillian

    I think that CF6 will be amazing tripod.

  • Got the AF2 in the mail yesterday from China.

    First impressions compared to my other tripods (Velbon C-600 and Weifeng 718)

    THE GOOD: Mine had screw locks instead of flip locks. Nice! I prefer screw locks, anyway, better then flip locks on Weifeng and Velbon :)

    It's smaller than I thought and pretty lightweight. Bag is well padded with zipper, shoulder strap and carrying handle. Max height is good enough for me (I'm 188 cm tall)

    Legs are great with little flex, as good as my Weifeng 718. It's much better than my old Velbon C-600. The screw locks are tight and quieter than flip locks to adjust. Great for us wedding shooters.

    Center column is easy to adjust, and can be inverted. Springloaded hook to attach weight.

    The leveling ball feature is perfect! This i why I got this tripod in the first place and I'm very satisfied with the result. Very smooth and easy to adjust with the built in bubble. Once tightened it stays put. Tried my Konova 80cm slider straight on the ball (removed fluid head) with no major problems.

    Fluid head is magnesium with plastic knobs. Nice to be able to slide the release plate to compensate for front heavy combos.

    THE NOT SO GOOD: Pan and tilt motion is rather sluggish and demands some force to move, but is slightly better than the Velbon C-600 (could get better over time once I break it in). I miss the smoothness of the 718, but this head is much lighter.

    The pan arm is as long as the Velbon C-600 but has CHEAP foam handle.

    Fluid head won't fit my manfrotto 323 quick release adapter without putting the Benro sliding plate in it's most backward position or turning the 323 adapter with the open/close lever to the back (thereby making it difficult to change batteries on the GH2)

    SOLUTION: I put the 718 head on the Benro legs! Works like a charm and the legs have no problem taking the extra weight even with my Vivitar 70-210mm 3.5 beast.

    The Benro fluid head went onto my Manfrotto 560B monopod instead. Perfect match!

    Will test the new combo this weekend on a wedding shoot. Pictures to come.

  • Just bought the AF2. Will review it when it arrives.

  • @christianhubbard

    Click on images in attachment.

    Not very compact. But they are really lightest tripods made specially for video shooter.

  • How compact does this fold to?

  • :)

    I was pulling the trigger on the famous WF-718 when I saw this one that I like for the leveling system but the S2 cheapest head is a blind bet. I'll stay at the window a little more :)

    While I find several deals on these new Benro tripods also in Italy, still I see no comment at all on the net...

  • @LongJohnSilver

    You could do it any time :-)

  • So after two weeks any brave user who bought this tripod?