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Short Film "What Stays the Same" (2011)
  • I have since upgraded to the GH2 in which I currently have a 156mbps hack active. This film I shot late last year and my sole purpose of the film was to test the ability of the GH1 @ a low end patch, this was approx 50mbps. It went to a few festivals but I think that it should be notable enough that with an extremely low budget, a few hacks and limited equipment (cheap glass, no mechanical tools and strictly handheld) this still impresses me today. Only one issue, and it will forever be there.... shame. Let me know what you think. I shot this late last year during a 2 week break from film school, this year I plan to do big things with the GH2 and/or soon to be GH3.

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  • Overall I like it. Some shots didn't work as well for me, but many had a very filmic look and the shots were composed very well. It's very inspiring to see works like this and I learn a lot from them. Nice work!

  • Thank you, and I'm actually happy you agree because the majority of my peers didn't give much feedback other than they enjoyed it and it was an interesting dream-ish fantasy. But I'm happy to hear what I know myself, If I could go back prior to composing the score, I'd make some changes but nonetheless, I'm happy it did something for you.

  • @kromanek

    Keep it up. Just do not push that it is shot on GH13 or any other camera. Focus on content and skills instead. Fuck the hacks.

  • Thanks Vitaliy, I can't say that I'll avoid the hacks, I just have to learn more about them. Judging by the feature film "Musgo" using nearly a stock hack on his GH2 and getting those results, I can't see why not. As far as filmmaking goes, it's much more than just beautiful quality image it's all within the story, but again when you have the ability to achieve that with the GH2 why not experiment. This is an image from a film I am currently filming with the GH2. It has great depth and tonal range, in both highlights and darks. Again a very indie project, but I couldn't be more pleased. Thanks again.

    960 x 600 - 65K