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AN "Valkyrie", GOLGOP3-13, GOP3ZILLA, natural, Freeze-less Reliable All-round GOP3 Settings :-)
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  • @Hajime Thanks for using my settings and nice sample footage! :-) If possible, I want you to embed a screen at this forum. Since your comment can be edited if you click the "Edit" button, you can substitute URL.

  • Seafood diner Japnese style DMC-GH2 hacked by bkmcwd GOP3ZILLA_v2.0
    M.ZUIKO DIGITAL 45mm F1.8

  • @Kihlian I think that it is releasable to the same timing as "Apocalypse Now" since preparation of "Valkyrie" has already been completed mostly. I think that Nick's works take more time than mine since the works of him are more difficult.

  • @bkmcwd I´m waiting too Apocalypse Now, want to test SEDNA vs Valkyrie vs Apocalypse vs Moze´s M6 GOP2 (on 720 50p) and tomorrow I have nothing to do..

  • @shirap Thanks always! In my environment, although the difference in microphones cannot be recognized, I am looking forward to your test succeedingly.

  • @har_k Thanks mate! :-) Looks good sample.

    About "Valkyrie", it is almost ready. If Nick releases "Apocalypse Now", I will also release simultaneously.

  • @bkmcwd

    I used "GOLGOP3-13-MAX_EX_standard_BETA7c" 24H mode.

    Thanks for amazing quality settings and your hard work!

    And I can't wait for new "Valkyrie" settings. :-D

    *FILM MODE is NOS.(-2,0,0,-2) and the lens is LUMIX X PZ45-175mm

    *SANDISK Extreme SDXC UHS-I (45MB/s) 64GB

  • RODE NTG3 vs Azden Wireless system ( 325 + 55BT ) GH2 hack:GOLGOP3-13-MAX_EX_ST_BETA7c KIPON adapter + samyang35mm F1.4 golliragrain etc

    My newest film

  • I set "GOP3ZILLA_ST_V2_BETA7" to "GOP3ZILLA_ST_V2" officially. :-)

    This is a sample of GOP3ZILLA_ST_V2.

    The results are very good!

    1297 x 630 - 196K
    1297 x 635 - 191K
    1297 x 634 - 193K
    1297 x 633 - 197K
  • @shirap I like your footage. great!!

  • @tomz Thanks! Very nice lens and a lovely frog! :-)

    @shirap Thanks again! :-)

  • GOLGOP3-13-MAX_EX_standard_BETA6 24P TEST adapter +EF50mm F1.4 golliragrain etc Music:My next gay film

    My next gay film

  • hi1130

    yes.I used One LED light.(LPL VL-960C)

  • GOLGOP3-13-A_BETA2

  • @shirap nice footage! Used LED Light? It's Grading Great!!

  • @shirap

    Thanks for nice footage! :-) Looks very good.

  • GH2_test_02 from K.SHIRAKAWA on Vimeo.

    GH2 hack:GOLGOP3-13-MAX_EX_ST_BETA7c KIPON adapter + samyang35mm F1.4 golliragrain etc Music: Zipper & Tits (My old film)

    My newest film

  • @soru

    Many thanks foy your lovely good footages for sample! I think that "BETA4" and "BETA7c" brings the completely same result in 24p. Please try. :-)

  • here are some GOLGOP3-13-EX beta 4 samples. Thanks for your great efforts. I'm loving and enjoying your setting.


    Snap movies

    keep up good work!

  • @ GOLGOP3-13 lovers :-)

    I release the improved version of "GOLGOP3-13-MAX_EX_standard_BETA7c".

    I think this "BETA7c" is more stable than "BETA7(Improved V)" in FSH and HBR mode.

    Please try it!

  • @HillTop1

    Thanks for using my setting and feedback! I am glad for BETA7 to work well for you. :-) Now, that is also my favorite one.

  • I played with GOP3ZILLA_standard v2_BETA7 yesterday and it work great! Testing was done with Nikkor 28mm f2 and Rokinon 35mm f1.4 lens on wondlan stabilizer. Spanning and in camera play back works. ISO was set to auto and IDynamic was set high. I will be using it tomorrow for a wedding engagement shoot. Thanks @bkmcwd.

  • Now, I am working on improving "GOLGOP3-13-MAX_EX_standard_BETA7(Improved Version)" for a while. :-)

  • @pwc

    Thanks for very good question! :-)

    Since I test every day, this is an uncanny number if I survey now. lol

    It is only "GOP3ZILLA_standard_V2_BETA7" that I think that it has completed in these. The setting which I like now is this.

    And it is "GOLGOP3-13-MAX_EX_standard_BETA7(Improved Version)", "GOLGOP3-13-MAX_EX_Standard_BETA8b", "GOLGOP3-13-A_BETA2", "GOLGOP3-13-MAX_SednaAQ1C_Standard_BETA1", and "GOP3ZILLA-MAX_standard_V2_BETA7" that I am going to continue improve. Verification is more nearly required although I think that these are done mostly. It may become an official release version as it is. Since I am developing a completely new setting now, these improvement may become, after it is released.

    You may ignore except the settings which I mentioned here.

  • @bkmcwd Great work your are doing !

    Since the month of May you released successively the following settings:

    GOP3ZILLA-MAX_Standard_V2_BETA5 GOP3ZILLA-MAX_Standard_V2_BETA1&2 GOLGOP3-13-MAX_EX_Standard_BETA2 GOLGOP3-13-MAX_SednaAQ1C_Standard_BETA1 GOP3ZILLA-MAX_standard_V2_BETA7 GOP3ZILLA-MAX_Standard_V2_BETA5 GOLGOP3-13-MAX_EX_Standard_BETA3 GOLGOP3-13-MAX_EX_Standard_BETA4 GOP3ZILLA_standard_V2_BETA5 GOLGOP3-13-MAX_EX_Standard_BETA5 GOLGOP3-13-MAX_EX_Standard_BETA6 GOP3ZILLA_standard_V2_BETA6 GOLGOP3-13-A_BETA GOLGOP3-13-A_BETA2 GOLGOP3-13-MAX_EX_standard_BETA7(Improved Version) GOLGOP3-13-MAX_EX_Standard_BETA7 GOP3ZILLA_standard_V2_BETA7 GOLGOP3-13-MAX_EX_ST_BETA7 GOLGOP3-13-MAX_EX_Standard_BETA8b GOLGOP3-13-MAX_EX_Standard_BETA8

    By comparison Flowmotion had only 3 releases in the same period of time.

    Can you help us choose by telling which ones your consider as obsolete, which ones your consider are still in the process of testing & (major ?) improvement, and which ones your consider as "official release" ?

    Thanks again.

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