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  • @thepalalias You’re right man, no director should wait for approval on their shot lists. I’m sure everyone here want them to have an independent voice.

    It also seems that we are on the same track score-wise. Nothing more to say in that regard.

    @Kihlian Some nice tracking examples there. Yeah, those texts are integrated, alright. But I would need to see some clothing examples to feel completely confortable with the idea. You see, I’m kind of an “analogue” person myself and it would only be a few bucks for each crew to buy some real clothes. If we split it between everyone involved in the project it would be almost nothing. Please, don’t take offence. I seriously appreciate your offer and the effort you’re willing to put on this. If we needed tons of apparel it would be a completely different matter. Also, if you guys want to get creative with Randall's "identity plates" feel free to do so. It doesn't have to alway be T-shirts or caps, it can be a balloon, a protesting sign, etc.

    @kong As Per said, it doesn't sound ungrateful at all. You should speak your mind. It's the only way that this project will succeed: Everyone of us should put their very best into this and that includes disagreeing when you see something you are not completely confortable with. Having said that, when the story was initially pitched, it was clear that it would be about a person with an extraordinary gift (or curse) trying to live an ordinary life. There will be some action in the feature but only the exact amount necessary to stay true to the characters.

    @rajamalik Great pieces of advice! Thanks! That's something we DSLRs shooters often forget: Shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot and then some more!

  • I find @kong idea´s of offering a T-Shirt on Kickstarter nice too; we are here to put ideas together and pick out the best (brain storming). Back on tracking, if we make it this way, it has to be made in other way, because it´s not possible to recreate the folds of a cloth, if it stay straight over there will look stupid IMO. I´m sure you all have see some examples in other films, the write (or balloon or whatever) follows the character but outside him.

  • I agree with @Kihlian, I'm having a bit of concern with the idea of tracking over clothing. I think it would be best to use real clothes with the text on it. It's been a while since I last got a custom shirt made, but from what I remember, it's not too expensive. I don't know how the availability is for everyone else based on their location, but I know here in L.A./O.C there a plenty of stores that offer it. Depending on the size of each team, it should be a manageable cost to split. I also agree with @kong idea of offering them on Kickstarter. @thepalalias I like what you have in mind for the score. From what you described, should be great.

  • Sorry guys I'm going on vacation the next two weeks, cya afterwards.

  • @Kihlian I'm sure there will be tons of opportunities either here or later on in the feature to put those nice tracking skills to work. But now, we are talking about a few T-shirts, maybe a cap, a balloon,... It’s just not worth the hassle.

    @all One thing that we can start doing soon is a nice designed blog about the project. If done the right way, it will bring attention to the movies and keep people interested. On tumblr is quite easy to make something visually compelling.

    @sansadez @Kihlian @kong Let’s do that Kickstarter campaign unless someone is not cool with the idea.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev Ok sir, I will try to make better sentences.

    @thepalalias All these are already there in that wiki page i believe. i didn't mentioned anything new yar. Most of our members are elder than me and off course they are experienced hands.

    One More Advice, Personal one, but, essential for every dslr Cinematographers.

    Photography is the best way to learn professional Cinematography.

    Always take a shot with Photographic Golden Rule "The Traingle". Shoot your film after mastering the Triangle of Exposure. use this Triangle formula in every shot.

    Following this triangle is the best way to get perfect exposure. Light is everything. If light is not perfect nothing is gonna be.

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  • @kong Holly saying: “I’m not that different from you” can mean anything. It’s supposed to be ambiguous. If you were to ask me, I would say that she has no supernatural abilities of any kind, but a member of the audience may think something different. It doesn’t matter, it’s up to the viewer to choose what to believe. In some regards, this is a story about loneliness. For all he knows, Peter is the only one of his kind. He’s also amnesic and has an imaginary, whiny, sarcastic fellow as his best and only friend. You can get lonelier than that.

    On the other hand, what do you guys think about setting up a decent production blog?

  • @atticusd I see, so it's a story about man vs self (or his imaginary friend) that lead to self-discovery?

    It's a great idea about the blog. I can make a simple website with accounts logins for those involve with the project can post content to it. I looked up the domain but it's already taken. is available though.

  • +1 for any idea for the graphics? Maybe something blurred? @atticusd successful raised kickstarter products have a good intro video, and a little bit of: I have a dream in my heart ;-) here two links but there are many:

  • On the other hand, what do you guys think about setting up a decent production blog?

    I really hope that it'll be personal view collaboration project.

    Not longest ever stall ending in never updated blog.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev Yeah, it has to be truly collaborative and regularly updated with compelling content. Otherwise it would be pointless.

    @kong It will explore those themes but that's not all. sounds good.

    @Kihlian Will take a look at those the moment I have a computer at hand.

  • Here is my suggestion.

    • A blog is great, but let us have the people not currently active in the production process focus on it. @AtticusD needs to make himself available to each unit for script questions like those above, so he should not be splitting his focus at the moment on the blog, too.

    • @Kong and @Kihlian, if you guys do not think you will be working until we get to post-production on the prologue, then I would love to see you cooperate on the blog. The key would be regularity and finding down time in the schedules of other members to get their comments, but you would have the responsibility for the look and updates or to find someone else to handle that. Would you be interested in that? Also, the URL mentioned sounds good to me.

    • By Tuesday everyone that wants to weigh in on the script should have had a chance to and @AtticusD and I will be finishing up our last round of edits. Which means we will need a producer for each unit to oversee the director and make sure they are getting what they need and to communicate that back to the executive producer and the group.

    • We need to have someone handling continuity on each team. This will be very important.

    • We need to know which mic(s) each team will be using.

    • I would like to nominate myself as Executive Producer, because looking back on the project since November, I am realizing that it seems to be fitting some of what I am doing. Does that work for others?

    So, my suggestion is: - Tuesday: Finalize what regions will be shooting and nominate members as well as ask them to nominate themselves. - Friday: Finalize team leaders for each group. Get a list of the mics each team plans to use. - Following Monday: Each team should submit a plan of action for shooting (in terms of approach and timeline, in very general terms OR a list of things required. That Weds: Larger group should help to provide assets the team leader requires or submit that some of it cannot be provided at this time. Team leaders or directors beging casting and shooting.

    Note: Once regions are finalized, start thinking about casting right away.

    So that is my suggested plan for the next week and half. That means we should be shooting in early to mid August and in post by the end of August or early September.

    Does that timeline work for everyone?

  • @thepalalias

    What do you think about scaling down?

  • @Vitiliy_Kiselev Not sure I understand the upset. (EDIT: I get it now.) I think scaling down may make sense. What did you have in mind?

    Also, I think we all agreed this should be a Personal-View project. That means that any URLs would have to forward to the appropriate place on this site. The project was inspired by, given birth to and thus far nurtured on this site so I see no reason to get a new host to go along with the additional URL. Just another way for people to get to that part of this site quickly.

    VK, if you have time this weekend to add the Stowaway blog to the site, I think it would be great for people to be able to look at that instead of our discussion thread when they want to learn more about the movie. :)

    What does everyone think about starting post by the end of August? Do we want a more or less aggressive timeline?

  • @thepalalias

    That schedule makes complete sense but let’s wait to have something to show and then we can start a personal-view blog. The potential production units should start commenting on their availability ASAP and if they are ok or not with the above schedule.

    By the way, yes, you should have the role of Executive Producer. You’ve been fulfilling that role already and doing a pretty good job at it. Everyone’s ok with that?

  • OK. Just boring at home..

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  • @Kihlian Great! I wouldn't mind if more people start creating art for the project whenever they "get bored" at home.

  • @Kihlian

    Don't think it is good, really.

  • @WK I know it sucks :-) before a trailer it is anyway impossible make some graphic. Ok I delete it. @VK EDIT: could not delete the picture, could you for me? Thanks.

  • @AtticusD Waiting on the blog, for sure - and thanks.

    @Kihlian Thanks for sharing it, though! I think that when people see artwork that "does not do it" for them, it helps them to think about why and what would. Brainstorming/playing around like this is helpful at this stage, especially while people are waiting to get started.

    @all Logistics question: I have some concerns about how expensive it will be to film in a bookstore here in L.A. While I continue to investigate that with @RSanzadez (we both thought of Vromans off the bat) I would like to know if other people have good bookstore locations available for filming? There is not a lot of reason why that scene has to be in Hollywood, that is just where it was originally concieved. Maybe someone else, like @B3Guy can look for a location near them and we will use the location we can get first to start shooting as soon as possible.

    @RRRR Are you interested in filming the Swedish forest scene? Do you have time to do so soon?

    @Driftwood I know you have a ton on your plate so I am almost reluctant to ask but, would you be interested in taking the lead on the Holly, Peter/Mark and Randall scenes (apartment and pub)? It would be great to shoot these in the U.K

    Anyone else: If you are dying to jump in and shoot some of the scenes for the Prologue, speak up now before they get taken by someone else. :)

  • @thepalalias

    Gotta check with my resources.. (I've been away for the weekend / unable to as of yet) I'm reluctant to do it all solo. But it seems a straightforward shot to do, so it should be possible.

    A question though.. I'm wondering if the scene should be a couple of glimpses only or more than that? In the case of more, it seems like there is very little to go on, a bit of subtext of what actually happened in Sweden could help. (even if it's not shown in the short / trailer).

  • @RRRR I know what you mean. Of course I can give you some subtext so you can better motivate the actors, etc. I'll go back to that Swedish forest for a while tomorrow morning and report back.

  • @RRRR Great, just let us know what you need when you figure out your resources. @AtticusD Can fill in the subtext (and you can shoot more if it helps your actors get in the feel) but the few shots here are all that will appear in the Prologue, and the content of the full feature is VERY subject to change since the script has not been finished yet. :)

    Thanks for being willing to take this on if your resources allow. I know it is a lot of work but the people that shoot these first scenes are really blazing a trail that I think will affect the online film community later on, much more than we can see at the moment. Feel free to prove me right. :)

  • I guess there is no real rush with this, huh? (I mean the swedish scene) It doesn't have to be shot next week..?