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Minolta MC/MD Adapters
  • Total newbie here. Just got my gh1 today and I am pumped. Anyway, I'd like any feedback/recommendations for Minolta/micro 4/3 adapters. I see them on ebay from $20-30. Do the more expensive ones buy me anything? Better grade of metal/plastic? Anyone buy one and very happy with it?
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  • I think that most are very similar.
    I like
    type more.
    As it allow to use lens support rings if you'll need them.
  • i bought this one, its the cheapest, took 2 weeks and works perfectly- it even has NO play- its very tight. edit: its metal, black and looks nice.
  • Sorry for the newbie density, but when you say lens support rings, are you talking about the kind of thing where the lens itself can be attached to a tripod by itself independent of the camera? . Is that what a support ring facilitates?

    I've got an old Quantaray 75-205 zoom that I'm anxious to try. By the way, I love the way the manual focus works on the gh1 however, I suspect that the focus zoom up feature in the viewfinder will not work with an old school lens.

  • >Sorry for the newbie density, but when you say lens support rings, are you talking about the kind of thing where the lens itself can be attached to a tripod by itself independent of the camera

    Yes, of course.
    It is hard to attach to many adapters. This is why I gave a link to one that you can attach it (but it is not easy to select proper one, so you need adapter and must measure it).
  • I am using the Fotodiox brand adapters for Minolta MC/MD to micro 4/3ds. I have been pleased with the adapter I bought 2 months ago and I just ordered a 2nd one. I am using the adapter with a Minolta MC 50mm f/1.4 lens and a Sigma 28-70 mm f/2.8 (Minolta MC/MD mount). The latter is providing excellent image quality and is becoming my favorite lens on the GH-2.

    I also have a Fotodiox Canon EOS to m4/3ds adapter as well and it too works very nicely - except that the you (mostly) cannot set the aperture on the EOS lenses due to Canon not having an aperture ring on those.

  • I tried asking fotocola on ebay if one of his tripod rings would fit his M4/3 minolta adapters and got this after a couple of exchanges.

    "Hi,I understand now.I am afraid there is no tripod mount works with it.Sizes of the top and bottom is different".
    - fotocola"

    I think he is saying that the m4/3 adapter is tapered so the tripod ring doesn't have enough to grab onto.

    Has anyone had experience with attaching a tripod ring to this one that Vitaliy has suggested?

    Fatpig, do you think a tripod ring would fit over and hold the one you have? Can you post the diameter? mm is fine.

    tks Don
  • i can give you the dimensions, no problem, but what is a tripod ring? i use the adapter to put a md lens onto the gh2 period^^
  • image

    You need this thing for 135mm and more old metal lenses :-)
  • Is there a published spec for how much weight the Micro Four-thirds lens mount can hold?
  • >Is there a published spec for how much weight the Micro Four-thirds lens mount can hold?

    It is not weight, it is force applied that limits things :-)
    So you could mount quite heavy weight lens and accurately use it or if you do something fast and bump into something you could have big porblems with mount :-)
  • How about the diameter that can be handled? I guess one way would be to look up that Canon lens and then find dimensions on it. Idea is that if it clamps on the m4/3 adapter ring then it could work with all then lens that attach to it.
  • I got some replies from the ebay suppliers. They all say that they do not have a tripod ring that will fit. One of them, big_is did say that the adapter diameter is 61.67mm. Odd dimension, makes me think that it was designed to non-metric dimensions. Fatpig, can you confirm that dimension?

    So now if we can find out the range of diameters supported by those tripod adapters or the diameters of the Canon lenses supported we can determine how far off things are. If its close it might be possible to shim the adapter with some pieces of PVC pipe that could make up the difference. Shade tree engineering we call that here.

  • @donf
    In the old days, companies made adapters for the 80-200mm Nikon push-pull D lens. The designs are fairly simple and probably could be made by anyone who has a metal machine shop.

    Here's an example of a design that could be adapted to your lens by someone:

    My lens collar for my Nikon 80-200mm I got off eBay, but you'll probably have to have something custom made or home-made. My collar rings are felt-lined, but you could probably use a rubber foam to line the collar. Off the top of my head, you could probably use a couple of automotive hose clamps, lined with a foam, around each end of your lens. Some metal or wood block screwed underneath clamp, and then a simple metal strip connecting them and a 1/4" wingnut to connect to a tripod. The only thing you need to make sure of is that there's enough clearance for the push-pull ring to move back and forth.
  • MrAnthony you are reading my mind. I thought the same thing about an automotive hose clamp although I was afraid to mention it as I figured I'd be ridiculed here. Just to be sure we're on the same page, I'm not talking about clamping onto the lens but the adapter so that all the lenses could use the tripod mount scheme.

    I'm going to try to find out the dimensions of those ring mounts made for the canon lenses since they seem to be so popular. Maybe I can modify one of those to work with m/43 adapter ring.
  • @hellrazor

    I bought that particular adapter minus the tripod section. It holds the lens secure and squared to the camera, but the flange distance isn't quite right. The lens now focuses beyond infinity. Not a big deal - you just have to be careful when you're focusing at infinity. The tripod adapter is only necessary for a really heavy lens. You may not even need it. For example, I use a Canon FD 135mm f2 lens without a tripod adapter, and have no issues whatsoever. This lens weighs 1.5 lbs.

  • I have this adapter, and it's been great: no play at all. It looks almost identical to the one Vitaliy suggested.

  • If there's play, it's easy to fix:

  • @tonalt

    Yes, and we have special topic for this :-)

  • @hellrazor Yes, I bought that same adaptor (with the tripod mount) and am not happy with it at all. There is play between the body and adaptor, and between the lens and adaptor. So far I've not had any luck with the Big_is adaptors. The second C to M43 I bought from them was just as bad as the first one -- it's a super tight fit on the mount and makes grating sounds when I try to remove it.

    Has anyone tried the Kipon MD MC to M43 adaptor here?

    I will be getting some nice Rokkor lenses (including a 58mm f/1.2 -- can't wait to try it!) so I'll need to either fix the play issues or get a better adaptor.

    @tonalt The video above isn't online anymore -- do you by any chance know of another one?

  • @lorilin.

    I have tried several cheap ones including the kipon, all of them were loose.
    Eventually I bit the bullet and purchased the novoflex ... no problems with 6 different MD/MC lenses.

  • Thanks @kavadni , I just ordered a novoflex. I'm glad for your answer, because the kipon was 80 Euros, almost as expensive as the novoflex. Glad I didn't waste my pennies!

  • Mini-review of Minolta SR/MC/MD to Sony Alpha/NEX E-mount adapters:

    • Big_is (weakpotoman) tripod adapter: very strong springs, good build. Flange focal distance is a little too short, but no worse than any of the others. Easily shimmed internally. Recommended!

    • Metabones: moderately strong springs, really good build and super strong tripod mount. Flange focal distance is too long! Can't achieve infinity focus on any of my Minolta lenses. Flange focal distance can be reduced fairly easily by sanding down the inside of the camera mount. Not recommended unless you're keen on sanding.

    • Novoflex: really expensive, no baffles, tripod mount not included, and not the correct flange focal distance (too short by a fair bit). Really strong springs. Don't buy.

    • Fotodiox Pro: very good build, no baffles. Not the correct flange focal distance (too short by a fair bit). Coarse internal black matte paint seems like it could flake off and get in your camera. Not recommended.

    I tried several other eBay adapters and they were all worse than the Big_is adapter.

    I didn't try the Rayqual adapter. It has internal baffles. Rayqual has a reputation for extremely high quality and precision. It's available with a tripod mount if you ask the seller.