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  • I was wondering what will become of the `forgotten` GH13 :) i surf the the net and end up at vimeo and found this video made by a guy named Pau Catlla......WOW...GH13...STILL ROCKS !!!!!

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  • Just shows the content is still king - the locations really pop there.
  • This shows how important framing and location is , and if you notice very few moving shots, yet looks great because of the framing and location
  • Very impressive! I loved the look of that video and the locations and framing. I just got a GH13 and have been so happy with it so far. I'm coming from the Canon side and the look of the GH13 footage has such a different feel to it. I'm very happy with it. I hope to eventual develop my skills to the level of this video.
  • Hi guys,
    Thank you very much for your comments. The truth is that gh13 is still alive. I have a GH2 recently but I'm using a lot of my gh13.
  • I'm personally selling my gh13, but it really is a very, very good camera for video. Id still pick it over many others. Even with the advancements of magic lantern.
  • i`m about to `retired` my gh13 in ebay :)...till i saw this vid

    @pc_bel.. what lens did you used for your awesome vid ?
  • GH1 rocks!
  • @vurias06
    All is filmed with the 14-140mm stock lens. No time to change lenses!!!
  • @pc_bel
    awesome work mate...keep it coming !!
  • Ditto, use my 2 GH13's exclusively every shoot. 14 - 140 hardly ever comes off, only shoot outdoors. LPowell settings are awesome.
  • bought my gh17 new from bh for 399. It is sick. Such a good image for that much. I see no reason to upgrade to gh2 until recently with the 25p upgrade. Maybe will wait for the gh3 so the gh2 will be dirt cheap. If there is a global shutter on the gh3 I will go that rout. But until then my gh17 is rocking.
  • I'm sure many people in this forum will hate me for saying this, but I still often prefer the GH13 footages over GH2 (hacked). GH13 just feels a whole lot more cinematic and natural. GH2 often feels too digital and even video-ish at times. That's why I haven't switched over yet. My only reason to switch over to GH2 is to be able to use Ex Tele mode, without the loss of resolution, whereas with GH13 Digital Zoom function, I loose resolution. Other than that I believe GH13 packs enough bitrate to grace the silver screen already.

    @andres is gh17 the ones that were made after 2010 (supposedly unhuckable), but were eventually hacked?

  • @kronstadt yes, all GH1s are now hackable and have upper ISO unlocked thanks to VK. I got mine for $350 & then another for $299 body only right at the end and the hack hadn't come out yet for unhackables so I took a chance, but I knew even at that price, it was still worth it.

    Then after the hack...better than 5D video quality for under $400...can't beat that. EVER. Even when GH2s go on closeout, I doubt they'll go that low, but I will also wait til then to get another GH2.

  • @pc_bel I was wondering what did you use for color grading?

  • I'm still cutting my teeth on the GH1 and it's been a blast. I've just bought a couple of old Minolta Rokkor-X lenses, a 50mm f.14 and 85mm f2. I have a lot to learn, but i'm inspired by videos like this one above, which in my opinion looks GREAT!

  • GH13 always rocks. GH2 rocks, too. I'm sure GH3 will rock, too.

  • GH1, the original and the best. Both still earning money, traveled the Globe from OZ to Italy to San Fran to Hong Kong, had their tripod mount circumcised with an angle grinder ( 2mil off to allow full body contact at base), had straps rings and rivets ground off and removed, multiple salt water splashes and half a dozen SD card wrong way inserts and BOTH step up for more punishment when the camera bag comes out on shoot day. Bloody heros they are and blessed by the patch creator himself in San Fran. My GH2 is jealous. :-)

  • what tips can people give to avoid rolling shutter on GH13? best hack? best shutter speed? any other tips inc. camera movements etc?

    thanks to all who made this camera what it is today! a revolution !

  • Shoot at the highest frame rate. Don't mishandle the camera.

  • @DeShonDixon. Sorry for the delay... Too busy!!!... Color grading was a mix between After Effects and MBLooks. Now I don't remember exactly what... Dificult with banding in GH1!!!!... Sorry, off topic but: I saw your music videos and like it very very much!!!!... Which hack did you use?

  • @pc_bel Thanks for the info! Yes I shot with Sedna A1 Hack thanks!