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  • Hi everyone, I shot this last week with a hacked GH2 using lpowell's Flow Motion 1.1 patch and Minolta MC and MD lenses. Would appreciate any feedback. Thanks!

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  • Love the shots and the different shot sizes. However, it would be great to see her actually playing in sync with what you hear. This wouldn't be too difficult if you got her to play to playback, then you could have her playing the correct notes once she sits down. Otherwise it's too distracting (for me, anyway). I like the overall "light" look - it's very delicate, and goes well with the musician and the room.

  • Overall a nice video, but I have to agree with Mark_the_Harp about the sound synchronisation. I would also cut her climbing down the stairs and taking he instrument all in the first 18 seconds... so that when the cello begins to play, she begins to play. Legacy Minotlas did their job good - I love my 50mm F1.7 too.

    Did you put any reflectors around her? Additional lighting? Any lens filters?

  • great image quality, great lenses