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Benro, new 2012 lineup, amazing, light video tripods and fluid heads
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  • @LongJohnSilver

    No one knows it, as I said you in PM, it is new tripods and new heads.

    Also Weifeng will have more weight. And the levelling is big advantage.

  • Does the S2 head compare to the Weifeng 718?

    Legs seems the same except for the leveling on the benro. Weifeng has hook for added weight stability.

  • @oscillian

    Yes, but most probably you won't like the price.

    Good levelling bases are not cheap.


    This could work for my setup instead of the Acratech. New product for 2012. (Couldn't find for sale anywhere yet though)

    Leveling Platform (LBA series)

    The platform is for quick and convenient leveling of tripod heads. It's able for ±15˚ pivoting.

    Basic Spec. of LBA1 Ball Diameter: 70mm Max. Height: 42.5mm Base Diameter: 66.5mm Base Screw Diameter: 3/8" Self Weight: 0.30kg Max. Load: 50kg

  • I don't know how good is the head.

    This is new models.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev Yep, the slim Varavon is an option too! Shure would keep my GH2 setup lighter :) If the head on this is smooth enough (I don't use lenses longer than 100mm) my Weifeng+Konova is going to eBay.

  • @oscillian

    This legs and head are not made for sliders (may be Varavon Lite :-). They are made for light camera with not a big lens.

  • Dang! I just bought the Weifeng 718 sticks and was thinking of adding an Achratech levelling base to get this function. I wonder how the fluid head is and If it's sturdy enough to put a Konova slider on it. Anyone with Benro experience?