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Advice and tips on producing a micro-budget short film
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  • @arnarfjodur Thank you so much for posting this. It's really nicely-written and obviously done from a lot of experience. I particularly liked the second one, about working relationships, since of course that's everything! Whether you are someone who wants / offers something for free, or whether you are employed in a very big media organisation (and I've been both), how you get on with other people is key. Actually just becuase you're being paid to do a job doesn't excuse you from working thoughtfully with others, and if you're doing something for free, do it with good grace (and accept it thankfully if you're on the receiving end). It's also been my experience that it's all about how well you work with others - assuming you have more than basic competence with the "gear", that expertise is secondary to expertise in interpersonal skills. If you had your choice between someone who was very good but a real pain to get on with, and someone who was perfectly good but also a great person to be with, you know who you would choose.

    @everyone_else If you haven't read these articles, read them!

  • I've edited this to include the most important points in the actual post, as per the community guidelines.